Ryobi LED Lights

Everyone needs work lights for one reason or another and Ryobi has hit the mark with two new LED light options that have excellent runtime.  Both of the new lights can be run off battery or can be plugged into an extension cord.  While we do not discuss it in our video, these lights are good for much more than shop use.  They can be used camping, fishing, hunting, emergency or even for drinking late at night.  Each light has three options for brightness and the larger light can change from 2700K up to 5000K on a variable dial.

Ryobi users are gaining more and more quality options for tools to use with their 18-volt battery system.  It is also worth noting that Ryobi has never changed the battery connections, so these lights will work with your ancient ni-cad batteries if you happen to have them.  If you do not have any Ryobi batteries, these can simply run off an extension cord.  You are out of luck if you don’t have a Ryobi battery or an extension cord.

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Shop Use

In our case, we have been using both of the new Project light and the Color Range light under cars in our shop.  The Project Light fit right in as we use lights similar to it every day.  The operation of the light is simple with one button to turn the light on and move through the modes.  The adjustment of it allows it to move in almost any position needed.  The 4Ah battery we used allowed it to be very stable and have an 8+ hour battery life on high.

The Color range light was interesting to use at first.  Why do we need a light that allows us to change color?  But after working with the light for an hour we figured it out.  LED lights are very bright and not fun to look at.  Even if the light is in the corner of your eye, it can be blinding or very distracting.  We found that the more yellow side of this light was more comfortable if the light was in sight.  When we did not have to have the light in sight, we cranked the dial over to 5000K and enjoyed the white light that felt brighter.  Thinking outside the box, this light would be great for giving people an idea of the different colors of lights available to light the interior of their home.

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Either way you look at it, having the ability to pick up reasonably priced LED work lights are awesome and another reason why we like to have a lot of Ryobi batteries around the shop.