Push-Through Log Splitter

Many of the log splitters you see sitting outside large stores have the splitting wedge attached to the hydraulic cylinder rather than the opposite.  RUGGEDMADE has a very nice push-through log splitter that we feel has better ergonomics and also are more efficient than many of the other models we have tested.  The RS-322-E-LK is a 22-ton log splitter that is the most affordable in this line.  RUGGEDMADE does make larger models that can handle larger logs in the same configuration.

This unit will come nicely packaged on a pallet that has a wooden box over it.  RUGGEDMADE does include instructions, but we highly suggest watching the assembly video they have on YouTube.  some of the hoses are very close in length and can be used in different areas by accident causing some frustration.  If you watch the video, that will not happen.  Assembly of our machine went very smooth and it was up and working within a few hours.  There no real break-in needed, so once the log splitter is assembled, you can get right to splitting wood.  we recommend that you check your oil each time you start the unit and always add fuel stabilizer if you use fuel with ethanol in it.

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RuggedMade 22 Ton Log Splitter with 212CC Electric Start Engine, Log Lift and Catcher Tray

RS-322-E-LK Features

  • 4″ cylinder – 24-inch stroke with a 2.25-inch rod
  • 212cc electric start engine, OHV, cast-iron sleeve, low-oil auto-cut-off switch
  • 13GPM  2-stage gear pump
  • Single-Spool Valve with Auto-Return
  • Tow Hitch takes 2 inch Ball
  • 10 inch Wheels with Fenders
  • Slip-On 4-Way wedge
  • Log Cradles
  • Log Lift Kit Includes Bipod Support Leg, Hoses, Lift Cylinder, Valve & Valve Platform
  • Catcher Tray Includes Locking Pins
  • One Year Parts Warranty

Log Splitter Ergonomics

In discussing ergonomics, let’s first talk about where our experience with log splitters comes from.  Both Jeff and I grew up burning wood for heat.  Both of us had family in farming and both our parents built log splitters to run through the power beyond system on the tractors the family owned.  The log splitters our families made were pretty simple and were a push-through system with the splitter sitting stationary, similar to this RUGGEDMADE.  These log splitters were mounted on the three-point system on a tractor so they could be raised or lowered and we worked hard not to be picking up logs to split as we would bring in wood by the semi-truck load.  As we both were old enough to weld, we changed items and replaced the splitters with updated models we designed to make things faster and more efficient.

With that said, when we use the normal log splitter you would see at Tractor Supply, with the splitter attached to the hydraulic ram, we feel like everything is backward and get frustrated when a log is stuck on the ram.  When we saw that RUGGEDMADE made a unit similar to what we used to use, we got excited as it seems to be more efficient for someone who wants to split wood at home with a small machine.  Items that made us feel at home were the height of the beam.  It is close to being waist height.  There is a decent amount of rook to work and we are not straddling a wheel, fender or oil tank.  The valves are centered and can be used from either side.  That is important to us because we normally split wood in teams and sometimes the guy on the other side wants to take over for a log or two.

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The overall cycle time for the full 24-inch stroke is 12 seconds.  That is not farm tractor speed, but it is pretty good for a machine that runs off a 212cc 6.5hp motor.  The pump on this unit is a 13GPM 2-stage pump.  The two-stage pump allows for higher speeds when large amounts of power are NOT needed and when there is significant resistance, the pump switches to low gear and moved the ram slower, but provides more power.

The design of this unit was meant to split logs up to 18 inches in diameter.  If you will be splitting logs larger than this, we would suggest a higher power unit.  The 4-way blade is good for smaller logs and it can stall out the unit on large close to the max for this unit.

What’s Included?

  • 22-Ton Log Splitter
  • Slip-on 4-way Blade
  • Log cradles
  • Fenders
  • Hydraulic log lift
  • Log catcher tray