Drawers and Boxes are Everywhere!

Whether you are getting something out of your kitchen, bathroom vanity, garage shelves or your TV cabinet there is a darn good chance you will open a drawer. These drawers are technically boxes and boxes are found all around as well. Not so much wood but boxes are the go to storage geometry. In a professional woodworking shop, making drawers for kitchens, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers can be a serious production task. Rockler has come up with a wonderful solution to help speed up drawer making with a unique Dado set.

Rockler Miter Fold Dado Set by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware


Rockler Miter Fold Dado Set

With four simple passes on your table saw, the Rockler Miter Fold Dado set can turn a section of sheet good material or hardwood into a box with four sides and a top or bottom. The secret to the Miter Fold Dado Set is the specialty Miter Fold Blade that create unique geometry into your material that allows you to literally fold the joint together.


  • Just four cuts to make a box with four sides and a top/bottom
  • Works with plywood or hardwood ranging from 1/4” to 3/4” nominal thickness
  • One box from a single sheet of material means perfect grain match, with flow-through grain at four edges
  • Veneer can be left intact for a truly seamless look (use tape to reinforce the delicate veneer)
  • Lock miter design allows easier clamping miters won’t slide around under clamping pressure
  • More glue area than a simple V-groove type miter fold joint
  • Rabbet profile on inside of joint helps to stop glue squeeze-out toward interior of box
  • May also be used as an 8” dado set for cutting dados
  • High-grade carbide teeth for sharpness and durability

How does it work?

Pairing up the special miter fold blade with a few chippers, shims, and dado blades, the entire dado set makes unique geometry that allows you to remove the correct material to perfectly fold the joint. The unique geometry allows a few benefits as we discussed above but the most importantly is it can be adjusted for material thickness. From 1/4″ to 3/4″ material, you can fine tune the fit with the included shims to get the perfect results.

Rockler includes excellent instructions so we will just give you a quick idea on the process.

You decide the Length, Width, and Height of your drawer or box you would like. You then take the Length and add the height of the drawer twice and do the same to the width. Cut a piece of material to this dimension. For example, if you want a 10″ x 10″ x 2″ drawer, you will add 4″ to both the 10″ dimensions. You piece of material would be 12″ x 12″.

Set your blade up to your thickness according to the directions and set your fence on your table saw to 2″ and make your first two joints. Then place your table saw fence on the opposite side of the blade and make the next two joints.

Cut out the squares with a utility knife, apply some glue, clamps and you have a perfect box or drawer.


Our experience

For our review, we had to go to Matt’s shop to test and demo the Dado Stack. After a 30 minute learning curve, we were dialed in and ready to go. Once setup, we produced 6 drawers with incredible speed and the results were fantastic.

More impressive than the speed and ease of cutting was assembling the drawers. With a quick splash of glue and 6 clamps, the drawer was self squaring and the joints were self registering. Was incredibly fast and easy. Ease of cutting and assembly is where this product shines in a production setting.

SawStop Compatibility

Unfortunately the Rockler Miter Fold Dado Stack is not compatible with the SawStop saws. With the specialty blade, it has a hair larger diameter than a regular 8″ dado stack and that hits the SawStop dado break. We hope to see something from SawStop or Rockler to make it compatible in the future but at this time, an alternative saw or solution must be used.

Just an Expensive Dado Stack?

Not at all! Well, it is expensive and a dado stack but this specialty product is much more than “just” this or that. The Miter Fold Dado Stack in a proper setting can increase productivity and efficiency in a shop while creating rock solid drawers and boxes with ease.

Will we use in our professional woodworking shop?

We have a SawStop PCS saw in our professional woodworking shop. This is a phenomenal saw but as we discussed above, unfortunately the Miter Fold Dado Set won’t work with it. After demoing the blade, we are sourcing a dedicated non-SawStop table saw just for this product. With our large format CNC machine coming September 1st 2017, we will be a cabinet producing machine. Cabinets mean drawers! We certainly can utilize the CNC to make the drawers but our thought is having the CNC cut the initial square and then use the Miter Fold Dado Set to make the actual drawers.

It should be a combination that is going to be hard to compete with in a production setting.

Who should buy it?

If you are in a production woodworking environment, this product should be given serious consideration.  It has a bit of a learning curve but for the efficiency and speed of creating a drawer or box, it is well worth it.

If you are someone that requires continuous grain flow on certain projects, this Rockler Miter Fold Dado Set gives you that ability on 4 edges.