Ridgid MegaMax Power

Ridgid has been quickly expanding their tool line with the release (finally) of the high amp hour Octane batteries.  The Ridgid MegaMax system has some similarities to the much smaller JobMax system Ridgid currently sells in a corded and cordless version.  The MegaMax is currently only available in an 18-volt cordless system with a brushless motor.  At the time this article was published, the only optional heads include a 1-1/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer ($119), Right Angle 1/2″ Drill ($99) & Reciprocating Saw ($69).  The powerbase, without battery, is retailing for $99.  The investment in this package is significant, but you will get three tools when you are done and most likely have less into the three tools than if you purchased them all in a single tool form.

Of course, this tool is covered by Ridgid’s LSA (Lifetime Service Agreement).  So be sure to purchase this tool only from The Home Depot and fill out everything correctly to get the coverage.

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Power Head

The Ridgid MegaMax Powerbase, or as you will most likely hear us call it the power head, is claimed to be smart, knowing what tool is attached to it and adjusting output based on the needs of the connected attachment.  This tool is an Octane model, so it will give you more power with the larger 6 and 9.0 Ah batteries.  Each attachment has 4-directional head positions to allow for one to rotate the unit for the best ergonomics based on the application.  Interestingly enough, the powerbase has a lock-on functionality to lock-on tool on, but that only works on select heads.  There is also a LED readout to give the user an idea what is going on with the tool.

So with all these benefits of the Ridgid MegaMax, the big question is still out there.  Does this tool perform?  Can it keep up with the other dedicated Ridgid Octane Tools?  Watch our YouTube video above to see!

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