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Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 18V Jobsite Wet/Dry Vacuum Review R86090

Small & Powerful

Ridgid’s new brushless 18 volt jobsite wet/dry vac allows for us to take a small but powerful vac on site with us to clean up the small mess made while working.  The pre-filter is washable and the fine filter is replaceable when needed.  Clean up of our mess and the filter in the vac is straight forward and simple.  Cordless allows us to use this vac where needed and not worry about extension cords.

Many of us enjoy process of building or repairing items on the jobsite but the mess we make, cleaning it up, more specifically vacuuming, sucks.  It is hard to think of many jobs that can be more mind numbing than vacuuming up a mess.  Worse yet, moving around a wet / dry vac and having the cord in the way.  Many times we have a small mess in our shop and we drag out the big wet / dry vacs to clean up the mess when a much smaller and easy to use vac could take its place.  Up until now, the battery operated vacs all had a downside to them.  Most lack the power.


  • Works with all RIDGID 18-volt batteries
  • On/off switch located under the handle to prevent accidental activation
  • Floor nozzle and extension tube included
  • Wet or Dry capable
  • 4 cup capacity

Small Job Certified

The body of this unit is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry on the jobsite.  While making this unit light weight, Ridgid made everything out of plastic and plastic with rubber over-mold.  The dust door and filter feel a solid when open or apart from the unit.  When the unit is assembled and closed up, there is a very solid feeling to the vacuum.  We feel this could be dropped in a tool bag and bounced around without issue.

The filter on this unit is very easy to clean out.  The pre-filter catches a lot of the larger items and the silk like material allows it to be scraped off with little effort.  In most cases, scraping the large material collected in the pre-filter will be all that is needed to keep cleaning.  The contents container holds about 4 cups of dry material and one cup of liquid, making this unit good for very small tasks.  With the amount of suction, one could easily mistake this unit for a larger vacuum.

With the small canister, there is little worry about battery life, but we were able to get 11 minutes of runtime on a 2Ah battery.  In most cases, even with very fine dust, the battery will outlast the amount of dust the container can collect.  The brushless motor adds some efficiency and power creating an awesome little vacuum.


The ability to have a powerful and portable vacuum has allowed us to clean up areas that were harder to access with a normal corded vacuum.  The runtime is not a concern for us because you will have a full vacuum before the battery power runs low.  In some cases it could be filled over and over with a full battery left in the vacuum.  While this is considered a to be a wet / dry vac, the actual capacity for liquids will be about 1 cup.  As with all vacuums, manufacturers are allowed to count the full container that holds the fluid without the filter and motor, so the float will turn off the vacuum before you reach full capacity.  For your home, shop, business or car, we believe this vacuum will shine and be used because of the portable ability and a great hose.  We are very happy to see a truly corded power vacuum come out in a battery powered line!

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One Response to “Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 18V Jobsite Wet/Dry Vacuum Review R86090”

  1. Oleg Kuperman #

    Your blog, although very informative, isn’t as popular as some other tool blogs (no offense, obviously) and yet somehow you’ve managed to get your hands on this vac way before it was even mentioned elsewhere, i mean, it’s not even listed on either Ridgid’s or HD’s website. Thank you for this review, I was going to buy Milwaukee’s new M18 but I think I’ll wait for this one instead, 5he flexibility of being able to pick up liquids and solids is always a plus, especially if you prefer to clean your own car and often have to deal with a good amount of snow mixed with whatever dirt Brooklyn can throw at you.
    Personally, I think this tool will become a big hit for all car enthusiasts, not sure why the likes of Milwaukee or Bosch haven’t thought of a tool of this type… Especially since nearly every company offers some sort of a portable wet/dry car but only Ridgid seems to have figured out that not everyone wants to drag the two gallon beast around in order to perform some minor/emergency cleanup. Can’t wait for it to actually be available for purchase. I also hope that it will be sold on a store level, especially given Home Depot’s bias towards Ryobi tools and since Ryobi sells their disgusting “Evercharge” vac inside HD’s stores they might make this vac online only purchase, just like they did with many other great tools that were better than the ones Ryobi is making with a cost difference too small to justify subjecting yourself to getting a ryobi tool… Because they’re mostly crap.

    Again, great job and thanks!

    February 23, 2017 at 2:37 am Reply

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