Ridgid Hammer Drill – R8611503

Ridgid_Gen5X_DrillRidgid’s Gen5X hammer drill is the new line of permanent magnet motor tools.  Ridgid has made some bold statements with power concerning these tools and we have put them to the test.  There are few hammer Drills on the market with the power Ridgid claims to have, so this gives them shelf space in this market.  780 in-lbs peak torque for the drill puts it currently in the top 3 for torque.

Ridgid’s Gen5X tools use the same batteries as their other Ridgid 18V X4 tools.  If you already have those batteries or chargers, this is a good platform to keep building on.

Gen5X Hammer Drill Specs:

  • Torque: 780 in-lbs.
  • 0 – 450/0-1,600 RPM no-load speeds
  • 0 – 7,200 / 0 – 25,600 BPM
  • 1/2″ chuck with carbide locking jaws
  • Integrated “Chuck Light” LED for unobstructed and shadow-free illumination

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Ridgid Hammer Drill Performance

Ridgid_Hammer_DrillRight away I could tell this Ridgid drill had more torque than any other Ridgid drill that I had ever used.  The difference is quite noticeable.  Being that it has a brushed motor, comparing this drill to other brushed motor hammer drills is almost laughable.   The 780 in-lbs of torque is quite often over 200 in-lbs of torque more than other brushed hammer drills.  Because of this, I decided to compare this drill to some of the top of the line, much more expensive brushless models.  With the exception of the Makita top of the line drill, the Ridgid Gen5X hammer drill provides more torque than its competitors.

Now, when talking about performance, you need to look at more than just torque.  The other two important numbers to look at are the BPM (Blows per minute) and the RPM (Revolutions per minute).  All three of these measurements work together to make up a drill’s performance.  Again, when comparing the Ridgid Gen5X hammer drill to other brushed motor drills, it is heads and tails above the competition, so I have to revert back to the brushless models.  Now even though all of the brushless models have higher BPM and RPM numbers, the Ridgid still puts up some respectable values.  Enough so for me to consider it one of the top tier hammer drills.

Gen5X Hammer Drill Review

Now let’s talk about the Ridgid Gen5X Hammer Drill’s fit and finish.  Just like all of the other tools in the Gen5X lineup, this drill has some really nice rubber over mold for tool protection, better grip and for protecting work surfaces.

Ridgid_Gen_5X_DrillProbably the most noticeable change on this unit is the location of the LED lights.   Ridgid has taken the light off of the tool body and has relocated it into the metal chuck.  There are three LED lights that rotate with the chuck and shines light around the drill bit which is right where you need it.

Another difference with this unit is where Ridgid located the drill selector switch.  Instead of just having one switch on the top of the drill, they have moved the selector switch down to both the left and right sides of the drill.  This seems to make it a little easier to get at when you need to for both lefties and righties.

When you couple this drill’s high end performance, unique features and impressive Lifetime Service Agreement, Ridgid has another winner here with their new Gen5X line.

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