Gen5X Angle Grinder

img_20160912_184717725Ridgid has a new Brushless 18-Volt 4-1/2 in. Angle Grinder that is located here on Home Depot’s website.  Brushless motors are showing up in all the new Ridgid power tools, yet the prices have stayed very reasonable. With the combination of the 5.0Ah battery and the brushless motor, runtimes have increased along with power.  While it will depend on what you are doing with the 18 volt angle grinder, but most will see 15 minutes of solid runtime while using this tool pretty hard.  If lighter duty work is being performed, the runtime will go up.

The tool-free guard design allows you to easily rotate the guard but it will not turn in a full 360°.  This will not affect the tools performance, the full turn would just be a convenience.  The switch on the top is a safety free lock on switch.  There is a safety that does not turn on the grinder if the switch is in the on position when a battery is inserted.  In that situation, the switch would have to be turned off and back on to turn on the grinder.

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  • Brushless motor technology delivers up to 50% more run-time, more power, and longer motor life
  • Tool-free guard design – easily rotates guard for optimal grinding position
  • 3-position auxiliary handle provides optimal control and versatility on the jobsite
  • Ergonomic slim grip for maximum comfort during extended use
  • Lock-off protection: to prevent accidental start, if battery is installed while tool lock is on, the tool will not operate
  • Spindle lock lets you easily change grinding wheels

Grinding Power

img_20160912_184646633To us, a cordless angle grinder has to be able to still perform the same job as a corded grinder.  We might be removing paint, grinding down a weld or cutting metal.  In all those cases, the Ridgid brushless angle grinder did very well.  The power was very sufficient and would keep up with its corded brothers.  This model is 8,500 rpm rather than the brushed versions 9,000 rpm, but that difference is not as noticeable because the rpm does not seem to decrease with pressure on the tool as much.

For the price of this tool, you really get a lot of value.

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