Professional OCTANE

RIDGID OCTANE 18v Brushless One Handed Reciprocating Saw Review R86448We see RIDGID on a lot of jobsites in our area and we expect to see much more of them with the release of the OCTANE line.  The OCTANE tools are a huge step up in performance and many seem to be built to a better standard.  The new RIDGID OCTANE 18v Brushless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw will fit the DIY guy all the way up to the professional as it has all the features everyone would want in a nice package.

One-Handed Recip Saws work well when pruning trees, but they are also an easy tool for a drywaller to use.  Plumbers, excavators, mechanical and electrical trades will all find a lot of uses for this tool as they can hold the material they are cutting and use the other hand to run the saw.  The ease of use of this tool makes it appeal to a large group.

RIDGID OCTANE 18v Brushless One Handed Reciprocating Saw Review R86448The OCTANE Recip Saw has a 3/4″ stroke with 0-3000 RMP controlled with the variable speed trigger.  There is a trigger lock located below the trigger along with a button to turn on the LED light independent of the blade.  The grip is pure RIDGID with the hex grip feel.  Like other brands, we can tell we have a RIDGID in our hand immediately.  The switch to turn on the orbital mode is a bit forward and out of the way.  The orbital mode worked very well.

Overall, we think many will really find a lot of uses for this tool.  The construction of the tool is rock solid.  We joked about running it over in the video and we fully feel it would take that abuse without issue.  If you are looking for a tool like this, we highly recommend it.