Who Is The Top Dog?

Ridgid 18V GenX5 Octane Hammer Drill with 1300 in-lbs Vs Milwaukee 2804-20 with 1200 in-lbsThe war for the best battery operated tool is full on.  Each company is trying to top the other with specifications that push their tool above others.  Specifically, in the hammer drill segment, the torque war is intense.  Ridgid now has for sale the new 18V GenX5 Brushless Octane Hammer Drill, Model # R8611506B, with 1300 in-lbs Torque.  A few years ago that number would have been 700 in-lbs of torque for this drill.

This new Ridgid Octane Drill with 1300 in-lbs torque is the leader of the pack.  There is one other brand, Metabo, who claims the same torque numbers but at a much higher price.  Specifications of a tool do not mean that it is the best performing tool or even a player in the top performers, so we dove in a took a close look at the new Ridgid Octane drill and compared it to the Milwaukee 2804-20 that most people seem to really like due to its power and size.  If you at all curious as to who would win, Ridgid or Milwaukee, be sure to watch our YouTube video above.

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Octane Drill Features

  • Octane tool allows the user to connect to the tool through a hyper octane battery
  • 1,300 in./lbs. of torque
  • Two Speed 0-540 RPM & 0-2000 RPM
  • 0-8500 BPM & 0-31000 BPM
  • Brushless motor
  • New Chuck light to eliminate shadow around the bit
  • Micro clutch with over 100 torque settings
  • Ambi Mode selector to switch between hammer, drill and drive modes
  • Grip light engages light and not the drill
  • Backed by Ridgid’s lifetime service agreement

The Battle

Ridgid 18V GenX5 Octane Hammer Drill with 1300 in-lbs Vs Milwaukee 2804-20 with 1200 in-lbsOur battle is about power and the ability to do hard tasks over and over without cutting out.  While we do not show everything we did in the video due to the length of the video, we pushed both drills very, very hard.  The Ridgid Octane Drill has the Milwaukee 2804-20 in torque by 100 in-lbs but the Milwaukee has 1,000 more BPM in hammer mode.  The Milwaukee is significantly smaller.  We also think it is important to note that the Ridgid has a longer side handle and that is a hint that the power rating is probably true because the UL certification would make them have a handle within the parameters for the power.

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Battery choice was difficult because of the new Ridgid Octane batteries offerings and what we had in M18 batteries.  We used every Ridgid Octane battery including the 3.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah and 9.0 Ah.  On the tests where we compared the two drills directly, we used a 9.0 Ah battery on both and we also would switch bits between each test to make sure everything was fair.  We feel the final outcome of the testing is clear as there was never once that the winning tool did not win a side by side contest.

We thank you for your support in watching our channel!

Ridgid Gen 5x Octane Hammer Drill Specs

  • Model Number: R8611506B
  • Torque: 1300 in-lbs
  • Anvil Size: 1/2″ Friction Ring
  • No Load Speed: 0-540 RPM/0-2000 RPM
  • No Load BPM: 0-8500 BPM/0-31,000 BPM
  • Chuck: 1/2″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty, Lifetime Service Agreement Eligible with Registration