OCTANE Hand Planer

The new RIDGID OCTANE tools are bringing some serious power.  The new RIDGID 18-Volt OCTANE 3-1/4″ Hand Planer, model R8481B, is on par with the top of the line corded performance.  We were very impressed with the performance of this 18-volt hand planer while working with hardwood.

While we are not hand planer experts, we believe our video will give everyone interested the information on the power this tool will provide.  we tested all the OCTANE batteries in this tool and decided the 9 Ah is the best battery for this application.  While taking full depth cut in hardwood, the tool would continue to chew through the wood without issue but was a little power hungry.  One could easily do 30 minutes of hard work on a 9.0 Ah battery.  When dropping down in battery size we noticed a very slight difference in power.

The features some awesome specs!

  • Brushless motor
  • Adjustable chamfer depth
  • Depth adjustment knob with 20 locking positions
  • Dual chip exhaust
  • Lifetime Service Agreement