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Ridgid 18-Volt Butane Heat Gun Review R860434BRidgid has been continuing to push out new and innovative tools that in many ways beat the current competitors on the market.  The Ridgid 18-Volt Butane Heat Gun, Model R860434B, is one tool that has excellent performance in an affordable package.  Heat guns are used on so many applications that being able to be fully cordless with instant heat and almost instant cool down will change the way many people work.

We are going to dive into the specs that we found in our video.  The heat gun produces 700 degrees F within two seconds.  Within 7 seconds we found 1,175 degrees coming from the heat gun.  The trigger is pulled to start the Butane flowing and electric ignition.  You also pull the trigger for 2 seconds to stop the fuel and a fan will continue to run for 20 seconds to cool the heat gun.  There is a dial on the side of the heat gun that allows you to adjust the amount fuel transferred to the tip adjusting the heat or turning the fuel supply off.  There is a kickstand on the front of the heat gun to give it stability so you can use it while it is sitting on the bench.

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Ridgid 18-Volt Butane Heat Gun Review R860434BThe heat gun does not come with butane, so when you buy this tool, buy some butane at the same time.  At first, we thought the butane was going to be a hindrance.  One would have to keep a bottle around and it would be similar to a Paslode nailer.  Without fuel, nothing gets done.  While that is true, with fuel you get instant heat.  There is no waiting 10 to 20 seconds for heat to build up.  That time savings alone is worth carrying the fuel around.

As more info on this tool becomes available, we will update you with a new video.

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