Milwaukee M18 Power

Comments have poured into many of our videos asking when Milwaukee will release the new M18 FUEL 16″ Chainsaw with the M18 12.0 Ah battery.  No more waiting, it is here and let us show you in the video above that this saw rocks!  The timing of the release was perfect with the landscaping project that had us removing 4 diseased Austrian Pine trees.  These trees are full of many branches and gave us some time behind the new M18 FUEL chainsaw.  First, while Milwaukee was not first to the market with a battery operated chainsaw, they are the first to bring out a perfect battery operated chainsaw with all the power most will ever need or want.

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One of our largest complaints about battery operated chainsaw’s is the lack of power for confident felling.  Up until the new Milwaukee Chainsaw, we have not recommended felling large trees with a battery saw!  The bar has been raised and we hope that other companies can and will be able to follow.  All of the trees that needed to be dropped in our backyard were dropped with the battery operated Milwaukee chainsaw.  Our Stihl MS361 sat idle as we enjoyed the power and lack of heat from this chainsaw.

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Gas Chainsaws Can’t

Normally we would be making a list of items that a battery saw cannot do that a similar gas saw can, but in this case, it is just the opposite.  We started cutting our trees down while it was cool at 7:30 AM in a subdivision.  There is no way I would light off our Stihl at that time of the morning without some mad neighbors.  Since the high today was 92 degrees, we wanted to get all the work done possible while it was still mid 80’s.  Milwaukee’s battery chainsaw did not kick out heat from the engine or exhaust, so the real feel of cutting in these temperatures was much better than with gas.

We still wear all of our safety gear, including chaps, a helmet, safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.  Hearing protection is not needed, but it has become a habit.  The silence of working with a battery operated saw and ear muffs allows for another level of concentration that adds to safety.  We know our safety equipment works and there is no need to accidentally test it.

The M18 12.0 Ah battery was able to fully cut down 3 trees and limb them before we took a break for a half charge.  With the heat, this was a needed break, but with a gas saw we would have just filled up and kept going.  Even with the Stihl sitting there, we waited for a half charge to be achieved and we went back to work.  With one tree twisting while it fell, landing on the camera and half in our hot tub, the break gave us time to look at the other trees and do some needed cleanup.

While our day was not perfect, the performance of this saw was.  There was no thermal timeouts, no wanting for more power and no wondering what might happen next.  This saw flat out rocks and we know anyone else who wanted a saw for a home will feel the same!