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Portamate PM-1800 – Panel Carrier Review

Easily Move Sheet Goods

IMG_20160403_143721816Moving around sheet goods is one task that we do not look forward to.  Our shop can be a bit cluttered and the weight of these items can take their toll on ones back.  By the time we have loaded the sheet from the lumber yard, our excitement for the new project is gone and we still have to carefully remove the heavy sheets from our truck bed.  Normally, there is only one of us and we work to not damage any of the corners while we muscle the wood around.  That “fun” process is thankfully over as we have added a Portamate PM-1800 to our tool collection.  This cart allows us to remove sheets from our truck bed and slide them on to the cart.  We can tilt the cart down and easily roll them to their destination.  If needed, we can even use the cart as our infeed table for our table saw.  In the case we are working remotely, we can use the cart to load our truck back up!


  • Specifically made for large boards, sheets of plywood, paneling, and more.
  • Built to handle several boards with the 2-1/4” bottom lip.
  • 350 lb. capacity
  • Support arm can tilt and lock horizontally, and is adjustable from 28” high to 40” high.
  • Can works as a table saw feed stand.
  • Built well and has ball bearing wheels.

Does It Work?

IMG_20160403_143816156One of the first things that went through my head while assembling the wheels to the cart was if something like this works.  If it did work, why have we not had something like this 20 years ago?  In anticipation, we were setting up the testing in my head to make sure we used this with light sheets, heavy plywood and other items we had available.  If this worked as well as the instructions said, this could change the way we handle sheet goods forever.

Our Ford F350 is a bit taller than most trucks, so we adjusted the unit up to match our table saw and took a look at if it would work to remove sheets from our truck and roll them directly to our table saw.  While there is a small drop when removing the sheets from the truck, it is a lot easier to slide the sheets out and onto the cart that it is to try to carry them away.  This made moving heavy sheet goods a simple one man job and there will not even be a drop of sweat.  As far as removing the sheets from the truck, Portamate is spot on and this unit rocks!

We slid the sheets up to our table saw and were able to slide the sheet off the cart and onto our table saw for a cut without an issue.  Cutting a full sheet by yourself would take an extended outfeed table, but it is very possible.  The cart can get in the way slightly, but it is stable enough to be slid out of the way while cutting using your foot to make it slide.


The Portamate Panel Carrier is a great solution for moving around sheet goods on a smooth floor!  There is no way we will go back to man handling the large sheets.  If this unit were to have some wider tires, it could be used over more uneven surfaces, but it might not store as well.  The way it is set up, it will almost store flat taking up very little room.  Moving sheet goods is much simpler with this tool.

PRICINGPortamate PM-1800 Panel Carrier Full 4×8 Sheet Carrier Board Cart Table Saw Feed Stand That Allows One Person to Easily Move and Cut 4×8 Sheets


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