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New Tekton Ratcheting Wrench Sets

New Ratcheting Wrenches

IMG_20160602_182503818Tekton came out with a new line of ratcheting wrenches that have a machined gearing system for more precision.  With the teeth of the gear are cut, not press formed, there is g a crisp, precise profile that fully engages with the pawls and can’t skip or slip under stress.  They did not have to say much more for us to want to dive in and give these wrenches some good use.  We took on a lot of projects during our use of these wrenches, but they were used most on a ATI Super Damper installation on a C6 Corvette.  That job included removing the steering rack, power steering cooler and countless other small parts to get at the front of the motor for the installation.  These wrenches were our go to for this project and were needed!  We used them over and over in places they were needed.  Just unbolting the oil lines from the steering rack was a chore!

Enough about the project, the wrenches are a full chrome polished wrench with flex heads, other than the stubbies that were straight.  To change direction, you simply flip the wrench over rather than having a reversible switch.  The gearing is precise and each gear is caught without slippage, that is the difference between stamped and machined gearing.  Fitment was great in all the sizes.  Tekton really does have some great wrenches and these are a great set that many would be thrilled to have.  They are not Snap-on and also not priced as such, but they have stood up to our use and will take abuse.  If one did happen to break, Tekton will take you phone call and replace it!


  • 6-point box ends snugly fit hex-shaped fastener heads, gripping the flat sides to prevent round-off.
  • 72-tooth ratchet gear needs only a 5-degree swing arc
  • Teeth of the gear are cut, not press formed, creating a crisp, precise profile that fully engages with the pawls and can’t skip or slip under stress
  • Individually sold wrenches are the same wrenches included in sets
  • All sets come in usable storage, either a Store-and-Go Keeper or roll-up storage pouch

Links to the Sets we used:


IMG_20160602_182450008The flex head wrenches rock and we enjoyed using them.  We look forward to the reversible 15 degree offset wrenches that will come in the near future.  If you do not have a set of ratchet wrenches, you will be incredibly happy in the purchase as they can really speed up certain jobs.  In our case, we tend to use them more than sockets just because they are smaller and fit in to tight areas better.  The 72 tooth gearing is great and helps keep the price low.  If you start jumping up in gearing, the prices will rise quickly.  In most cases, the 72 tooth gearing is great for tight applications.  Tekton has a great warranty and will replace you tool with a simple phone call.  To date, we have never had to make that call!

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