Super Demo Saw

Milwaukee Tool’s NEW M18 Fuel Super Sawzall is called Super because it uses the new large frame brushless motor to back up the claim of being able to outperform 15-amp corded models reciprocating saws.  While the motor is a large part of the tool and the power, the new High Output 12.0 Ah battery with 21700 is what makes this combination stay cool while running hard.  The spec on the Super Sawzall is very impressive with 3,000 strokes per minute with a 1-¼” stroke length.  With all Milwaukee FUEL products, you get an onboard computer that monitors key statistics while you work to ensure the is no bogging and will also prevent overheating.  Milwaukee Tool claims the new Super Sawzall and an M18 12.0 Ah battery will complete 150 cuts in 1×12 SPF on a single battery charge.

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Milwaukee came out swinging, working to create the fastest cutting reciprocating saw on the market.  They claim it makes 15-amps of power and will outcut other corded saws, including their own, on the market.  To make these demanding cuts and change between jobs, there is a variable speed trigger and a 5-speed dial on the top of the handle to dial in the right speed.  Turn on the selectable on/off orbital action for aggressive cutting in wood and quickly turn it off for smooth cuts in metal.  The shoe is adjustable to prolong the lifespan of your blades.

The blade change is not the simple slide we are all used to from the normal Sawzall.  This Sawzall uses a shaft mount blade change that is very durable and meant for abuse.  You might have to feather the trigger to get it in a good position to change blades, but this is an F350, not a Corvette.  If you bought this tool, you are buying it for heavy duty use where the user needs speed and power.  Complaining about the blade change or the weight is similar to saying your Ford F350 does not ride well when it is not loaded.  This tool is built to work in demanding applications and might not be for everyone.

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Small Rant

One-Key is not available on this tool yet.  Other than tracking, we see zero need for it.  This tool has all the adjustments needed with the 5-speed dial and a variable speed trigger.  If you do not know the speed you need to use to cut a certain item, don’t buy this tool or spend some time to research it.  Heaven forbid that someone goes slower than needed when they are not certain about the speeds.  Computers and phones have helped us figure a lot of items out, but at some point, they have hurt us by taking care of items people used to know.

This tool is heavy (12 pounds, 3 ounces with the 12.0 Ah battery) because it is constructed to last through a beating.  This tool does have some vibration to it.  Wear some gloves and hang on, it has 3,000 SPM and a 1-1/4″ stroke.  This is a large saw that uses a large battery.  Let’s not talk about ergonomics of cutting overhead.  /rant

Bring In The Heavy

If you are looking seriously at buying the Super Sawzall, you probably desire more power and speed from your cuts and want to ditch the cord.  If you are thinking that you want the biggest and most badass saw to prune trees, look somewhere else.  This saw was built for the construction site where the guys demand quick speed adjustments to their liking.  They want power that lasts for days and a saw that gives them everything possible.  If they need the power, they won’t care about the weight.  If they don’t need the power, there are other tool options.  Users will have no trouble with demanding work and long hours as this saw can handle it.  Make sure you are up to handle this saw.