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New GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4" Circular Saw Review with 12.0Ah Battery 2732-21HDMilwaukee Tool introduced the new GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Circular Saw with 12.0Ah Battery, model 2732-21HD this past July and priced it at $399.  The Gen 2 M18 7-1/4″ Circ Saw clearly has a larger brushless motor that provides 5,800RPM and per Milwaukee Tool, will make 750 cuts on a 2×4 per charge.  In our testing, we fully believe the large 12.0Ah battery will cover a full day at work.  Milwaukee boasts that this circular saw cuts up to 25% faster than 15A corded and high-voltage circular saws and we decided to test this saw against the Dewalt rear handle Flexvolt saw.  Check out our YouTube video to see that!

Right out of the box we pushed the Milwaukee Circular saw and 12.0Ah battery by cutting 1-3/4″ OSB over and over.  Our goal was to see how the tool faired under load and for us to see if we get any heat buildup.  We ditched the stock 24 tooth carbide tipped saw blade and replaced it with Milwaukee’s new coated blade.  That new saw blade made a big difference in the cut quality and also the load on the saw during the deep cuts.  On most saws, upgrading the blade is something we do right off the bat because we want longer battery life and a better cut.

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The feel of this saw is very similar to the Gen 1 Milwaukee circular saw but the power if very noticeable.  Both saws look very similar other than the new saw having a much larger brushless motor.

Gen 2 Tools

New GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4" Circular Saw Review with 12.0Ah Battery 2732-21HDNew tools, like new cars, can be a speculative purchase when they first come out.  Over time there can be changes to the design or corrections to flaws, but the nice part about a Gen 2 tool is that there has been a lot of testing on the Gen 1 tool.  The issues that might have come up have been corrected and for the most part, there should be little risk in any flaws in most Gen 2 parts.

Our tests might indicate how some tools live their life, but in the most part, we are extreme testing the tools.  Very few people would use a battery operated circular saw to cut almost 2″ of OSB over and over for 45 minutes at a time.  The practical application is just not there.  While our test might be a bit more extreme, the results are great.  We found the saw to be very reliable under stress.  The Saw is very comfortable while using it for long periods.  The grip is amazing, even while buried under what looked like a mound of saw dust.  But the most impressive factor to us was that the motor or battery never once gave into the torture allowing the tool to cut out.  The saw just kept cutting until the battery was discharged.

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The new Milwaukee Tool lines have been very impressive.  This circular saw is right up there in the top three 7-1/4″ battery operated circular saws we have ever tested.  The runtime when used normally is impressive and the power, when needed under immense load, is right on par with other battery operated saws that live on the jobsite day in and day out.  There is no doubt that we would recommend this saw anyone looking for a good, well priced saw that will hold up to abuse.