DEWALT Woodworking Tools

New DEWALT Woodworking Tools - 20V MAX XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334B Bare or DCS334M1 KitDEWALT is releasing 3 new 20V MAX XR tool designed for woodworkers and to be more compact than their current offerings.  The new line up consists of a Brushless 5-inch Random Orbit Sander, a 20V MAX XR Brushless Jigsaw, and a 20V MAX XR Brushless Router.  In the video above, we take a look at the new DEWALT DCS334 Jigsaw and what it has to offer.

Jigsaws are a powerful tool to have in your workshop or on the job site. Cordless Jigsaws allow for the freedom to do what you wish and not have to dance around a cord. They are a flexible tool that allows for quick cuts to break down material, coping cuts, circular, convex, and concave cuts, and much more! With a variety of brands, styles, and battery platforms, picking the right jigsaw can be a tricky decision.

DEWALT’s new jigsaw is an XR Brushless model with a variable speed trigger and variable speed dial to control the saw’s speeds.  The saw also features a 1-inch stroke length, 3,200 strokes per minute, 4-position orbital action, a keyless lever-actuated blade release, a keyless bevel change, a LED to illuminate work surfaces, and a no-mar plastic shoe cover.  While you cannot control it, DEWALT did include an integrated dust blower to keep the cut line clear for the user.

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Smaller & Quieter

New DEWALT Woodworking Tools - 20V MAX XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334B Bare or DCS334M1 KitThis new jigsaw is a smaller and quieter version of the DCS331.  While the DCS331 might have a few more options, none are needed and the size is a concern for many.  As we all know, a jigsaw is a tool mostly used for cutting any sort of line that was not straight.  The more compact size allows for the tool to get into tighter places.  Also, there are many styles of jigsaws and all have their own niche use.  If you are into barrel grip jigsaws, DEWALT will make a 20V MAX XR Barrel Grip Jigsaw in early 2019.

The DCS334 20V MAX XR Barrel Grip Jigsaw is the style we prefer for a variety of tasks as it seems to fit our hands in awkward positions.  If we were using these tools for fine woodworking and tight cuts in wood a barrel grip might do a better job than this one as it can be controlled via the longer lever type grip easier.

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New DEWALT Woodworking Tools - 20V MAX XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334B Bare or DCS334M1 KitThe variable speed trigger and the top mounted speed dial on this unit allow for excellent control and the ability to cut up to 3,200 strokes-per-minute.  The tool-free blade change is very easy to use along with the tool-free bevel adjustment.  The dust blower to keep the cut line open is perfect.  It does not blow dust all over and yet there is just enough air to keep the cut line clean.  We found no need or want to adjust it.  The 4-position orbital mode is a huge help in making fast cuts in wood.  It’s nice that this tool can be adjusted to work with the materials you are using.  Many of the jigsaws of today allow you to adjust to different orbital actions, some less than others, but it is still a nice feature.

While this tool might not have some of the features of the larger models, the precision and solid build quality will make this tool a go-to for many woodworkers.