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New Dewalt Pocket & Utility Knives

Durable, Folding, Retractable, Cool

Dewalt has released a few new version of their pocket and utility knives.  Both sets are pretty comfortable and built with decent quality.  The pocket knives have a high carbon stainless steel but with all the marketing around the blade material, you never know how high of quality you are buying until you have it and are abusing it.  Below are the four new knives and some info about them.  All are very affordable.

Premium Utility Knife – DWHT10295

The premium utility knife has some nice features and is a fat knife that is very easy to hold.  the rear carabineer is nice if you have a small item to clip it on to.  The water resistant blade storage is not going to really be waterproof and over time you will pull out rusted blades just like other knives on the market.  I like the knife and it works well as a very solid and durable utility knife.  I don’t think it will be the last one we every buy simply because these seem to be disposable items after a while.

PRICINGDEWALT Premium Utility Knife



  • High speed blade Change
  • All weather blade storage
  • 5 blades in handle for convenience.
  • Integrated Carabineer
  • Deadbolt blade mechanism
  • Bi-material grip
  • 3X blade lock retention

Folding Retractable Utility Knife – DWHT10296

The folding utility knife is a nice small and compact knife that has a fair grip.  We have used some other models that seem to have a bit better grip, but in design, this really works well.  The handle holds 3 blades in a secure area.  The unit folds well, but will also unfold very easily.  the belt clip is pretty standard.  Changing blades is pretty easy.  The price is good for the quality you get.

PRICINGDEWALT Folding Retractable Utility Knife



  • 3X blade retention for secure blade while cutting.
  • Easy blade change with the press of a button.
  • 3 blades in handle for convenience.
  • All weather storage
  • Integrated carabineer
  • Bi-material grip

Premium Folding Pocket Knife – DWHT10313

If you want to show you bleed yellow and black, this premium pocket knife is a great way to show it.  If you are not careful, you will bleed red as the blade on our model was very sharp and has held up well to some abuse in the soil and during our misc uses while in our pocket.  The integrated wire stripper is a nice addition for electricians, but we really like the serrated blade, not only for looks, but for functionality in different cuts.  This is not a high quality Bench Made brand, but the price does not show it either.

PRICINGDEWALT Premium Folding Pocket Knife



  • Heavy Duty 8CR13MOV Steel Blade helps provide a long lasting blade
  • Aluminum + G10 Handle Construction – fiberglass woven G10 & all metal body helps with slip resistance, weight, and durability
  • Clip Point Blade Design
  • Wire Stripper for 12 and 14 gauge wire
  • Serrated Blade helps cut different materials

Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife – DWHT10314

It’s carbon fiber, end of story, you have to have it!  But seriously, if you want some “bling”, this is a nice knife.  The carbon fiber will scratch easily and makes the knife a bit more difficult to hold in high pressure uses, especially if it is hot and your hands are sweaty.  This knife is pretty much the same as the premium knife above with a different look to the handle.  I love the look and have to have it, but I enjoy the rubber on the grips more on the premium.

PRICINGDEWALT Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife



  • Carbon Fiber Handle for lightweight and durable design
  • Heavy Duty 8CR13MOV Blade helps provide a long lasting; sharp blade
  • Durable Liner Lock for safety
  • Serrated Blade Portion helps to cut different materials

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