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New Corded Bosch Hammer Drill HD18-2

Power & Speed

Bosch_HD18-2Cordless models are taking the industry by storm but I really appreciate that Bosch is looking out for their users by improving upon their corded drill line as well.  Many of the tool companies claim to have corded power, but take a look further and see if you can find a cordless model with this speed and power.

I grew up on corded drills, most without a variable speed trigger.  My oldest model is a all metal drill with a variable speed dial on the rear of the tool.  My grandfather would watch over us like a hawk when we were drilling as kids because there were no accessory side handles or fast stopping chucks.  If there was a mistake made, your wrist took the beating.

While this updated drill is nothing like the drills I used with my grandfather building cabinets, it did have some qualities that took me back in time.  This model, like the older models does not have a chuck that stops when the trigger is let off.  It winds down like the older models.  The speed or rpm’s are amazing and unmatched by a cordless model.  Also, the direction change and speed settings are reminiscent of older high quality models.  While this unit weighs in at 5.8 pounds, it gives me the feeling that it will last my lifetime, even if used solely on the jobsite.

Features & Specs

  • 8.5A motor
  • 0-1,200, 0-3,200 RPM
  • 0-19,200, 0-51,200 BPM
  • 1/2″ keyed chuck
  • Metal gear housing,
  • Drilling capacity: 3/4″ masonry, 1/2″ metal, 1-9/16″ wood
  • Dual mode selector: rotary-only and rotary + hammer modes
  • Integral slip clutch disengages torque transmission if bit binding occurs
  • Weighs 5.8 lbs

More Uses

Bosch_DepthFaster speed drills with power can be very useful for other items than just drilling.  In my shop I like to use these models with a wire wheel or brush to clean up bolts and nuts on older cars.  You can even attach older grinding discs to them with the right attachment and complete some nice controlled cuts.  With this unit, the variable speed trigger really helps to complete those tasks with control and without mistakes.  It also goes unsaid that this drill is ready to rock and roll all day long without the worry of batteries.

Target User

Bosch_GripWhile Bosch lists the target market for this tool as general contractors, installers, electrical and plumbing trades, MRO professionals, and facilities managers.  I believe they missed a segment of extreme DIYers who need reliable high powered drills at a very affordable price.  This is not a $250 dollar drill, in fact is less than half of that, so this drill is perfect for many who need the power and speed.  The ability to use the rotary hammer option allows users who do not need a dedicated rotary hammer to complete large tasks.  When working on large tasks, this drill has a rotating brush plate to provide equal power in reverse as in forward direction.  The ability to have the same power in forward and reverse allows you to handle issues of binding without the worry of how might one remove a bit.


Bosch_SpeedsThumbs up to Bosch for continuing to innovate in the corded tools that many of use still use and rely on.  Not only are these tool powerful, fast, and affordable, they are also one of the few models I know I will be able to pass down to my 9 year old son when he is ready.  Many of us think cordless is the only answer, but I assure you that this drill would complement anyone’s tool box that had multiple battery operated drills.  The power and ability to conquer many tasks is more than useful.  Don’t walk by this unit next time you see it at the store.  Pick it up, you just might walk out with it!

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