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New Bosch Recip Saw with Bosch CORE18V 6.3 Ah Battery – GSA18V-125N

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So we keep hearing about new battery and tools coming out from Bosch Power Tools that are optimized for the CORE18V battery technology.  Most of us have listened and wondered what separated the Bosch Power Tool battery platform from the other brands.  Well, a look inside the battery gives us a little light into the situation.  Inside you will find the larger 20700 cell that Bosch is able to get 80% more power from than the standard 18650 cell.  They get it because the cell is significantly larger.  The 20700 cell is 2mm wider in diameter and 5mm taller than the 18650 cell (20mm – 18mm = 2mm, 70mm -65mm = 5mm). This 33% increase in cell size allows for a larger reaction in the cell.

Beyond size, Bosh Power Tools has upgraded the cooling technology.  In CoolPack 1.0, only half of the surface area of the cell is in contact with the CoolPack. In CoolPack 2.0, use in the Core18v batteries, each cell has its own compartment that encapsulates each cell in its own heat sink, extracting heat from the cell and purging it from the battery. As a result, the battery remains below thermal shutdown thresholds even at high-power demands.

Taking a step further, the construction of the CORE18V battery is different than many others.  Inside the CORE18V connects the positive and negative terminals of each cell using highly conductive copper.   Making sure these bonds are solid, each is laser welded fusing the copper plates to the terminals of the battery. The copper inside the battery will not corrode over time and is an excellent conduction of electricity.  Also, CORE18V batteries incorporate flexible printed circuit boards allowing for a compact design and less weight.

Connect Core18V to a Tool!

Our experience with the new Core18v battery was with the new Bosch Power Tools GSA18V-125 reciprocating saw. Charge time on the fresh out of the box Bosch Core18v battery was 22 minutes.  That battery showed one (1 0f 5) bars when opened from the package.  Once connected to the new Bosch recip saw, we were able to test out the three orbital settings (0-1-2).  These orbital settings allow you to optimize the blade action to maximize cutting. For cutting hard metal, we kept the saw in 0 that had no orbital action.  Setting 1 gave us a little bit of orbital action and that worked great for hardwoods and soft metals.  Orbital action 2 is great for cutting insulation and softwood.  This saw was able to rip through items easily.  That is aided by the 1-1/4″ stroke that allows more material to be removed.

The new Bosch GSA18V-125 is an odd looking tool and what threw us a bit is the safety trigger.  That is not found on many recip saws and in our opinion really took away from the really large handle.  To use the large handle, one would have to pull the safety and hold the trigger in while re-positioning their hand.  While using the saw in a comfortable position and being able to remove the safety left us using the saw directly overhead when using the saw for demolition.  That is not fun to have everything falling on the you.  But when using the saw at hip level, it was very comfortable.

This is a tool that you will have to pick up and see if your stance is comfortable with the saw.  Watch our YouTube video for more visual.

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  1. John Falkoff #

    I like the battery but don’t think I’d care for the saw much. It needs a better handle, with the safety being out of the way more like dewalt.

    April 13, 2017 at 11:55 pm Reply

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