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New Bosch CORE18V 4.0 Ah Battery Pack with 21700 Cells GBA18V40

Bosch CORE18V 4.0 Ah

New Bosch Power Tools that are optimized for the CORE18V battery technology keep coming, but Bosch Power Tools only offers on CORE18V battery pack, up until now.  Bosch Power Tools will release the new CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery pack in October at Lowes Home Improvement store.  Do not confuse this 4.0 Ah battery pack to the older 2P CoolPack.  The new CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery pack is a 1P battery, meaning there are just 5 cells 3.6-volt cells in this pack and each cell has a 4,000 mAh rating.  This new battery pack uses 21700 battery cells (21mm wide 70mm long and 0 equals round.  The older CORE18V 6.3 Ah battery used the 20700 cell that Bosch is able to get 80% more power from than the standard 18650 cell.  The 21700 battery cell is the main battery for almost every new battery from all the main brands in tools.  The CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery provides significant power for every Bosch Power Tool in a small, lightweight package.

All of the CORE18V battery packs use the CoolPack 2.0 technology.  This means that each cell has its own compartment that encapsulates the cells in its own polyethylene heat sink, extracting heat from the cell and purging it from the battery.  As a result, the battery remains below thermal shutdown thresholds even at high-power demands.

Taking a step further, the construction of the CORE18V battery is different than many others.  Inside the CORE18V connects the positive and negative terminals of each cell using highly conductive copper.   Making sure these bonds are solid, each is laser welded fusing the copper plates to the terminals of the battery. The copper inside the battery will not corrode over time and is an excellent conduction of electricity.  Also, CORE18V batteries incorporate flexible printed circuit boards allowing for a compact design and less weight.

Smaller is Better

Just months ago, using a smaller battery pack meant the user had to sacrifice power and runtime.  Many users would choose to use the smaller battery packs because they were lighter and more ergonomic.  The new CBosch CORE18V 4.0 battery pack will eliminate the sacrifice by providing the same power users used to get using the larger FatPack we have been used to for years.  Working overhead or in tight places just got easier as your tools will have a longer runtime!

When looking at the size of the CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery pack and comparing it to the CORE18V 6.3 Ah battery pack, you will notice the 4.0 is just slightly longer and significantly shorter.  The slight amount of extra length comes from the upgrade to the 21700 cells.  Obviously, the CORE18V 4.0 is drastically lighter making it the better choice for small tools.

Make sure you subscribe to our channel to see us put this new battery pack to the test over the next few months to see if this small 4.0 Ah battery can keep up with others on the market.

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