Heated Gloves!

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Heated Gloves have leather palms and fingers with GridIron Rip-Stop on the back.  This creates awesome durability and grip in the working areas and great flex on the back of the glove.  The Milwaukee Heated Gloves are a longer glove with an extended cuff so it can be pulled over and jacket and snugged up to keep in heat and keep out the elements. The index fingers also have SMARTSWIPE that allows you to use touchscreen devices while you keep your gloves on.  That feature works very well.

The gloves come with a battery for each glove, a single charger that can charge both batteries at the same time, and the gloves.  Currently, they are available in Medium, Large and X-Large.  Watch the video and we will walk you through sizing if you plan to order them.

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  • Quick-heat function reaches selected temperature fast
  • One-touch LED controller with (3) heat settings
  • Up to 6 hours of run-time on low
  • Heating Zones: Back of Hands and Fingers
  • Leather palms and fingers
  • SMARTSWIPE index fingers permit the use of touchscreen devices
  • Extended cuff with velcro strap

Testing In The Freezer

September in Michigan is not idea for testing heated gloves, but we always come through with a relevant test to show that the concepts work.  We have a fairly empty freezer at the shop that worked well for testing the glove runtime along with the ability for the glove to produce heat.  This test does have its flaws as there is no hand in the glove while running and the temps are based on situations that would never happen.  So be it, we pressed forward and were able to show via a thermal imager that the gloves could keep up to 80 degrees on the inside without issue with a rag on the inside.  Considering the freezer was 4 degrees, that is pretty impressive.

Runtime in the freezer was around an hour and a half on high.  We will not come out and say what you will get in the real world yet, be we expect that to be close.

The build quality of the glove is awesome.  These remind me of very expensive snowmobile gloves that we used to buy when we rode.  That is why the price of $180 for the set did not surprise me.  Good gloves are expensive.

If this is something that works for you, we would highly suggest them!

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