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Milwaukee Tool Making Mechanics Tools? & New Hand Tools

Socket Sets Coming?

Milwaukee Tool teased us with a small socket and ratchet set that could grow into a mechanics tool set with a lifetime warranty.  While we cannot confirm mechanics tools sets will be here anytime soon, we fully believe that full blown mechanics tools sets will be announced this summer.  The current sockets available in April 2017 are a slightly different design with a squared off bottom to allow for another wrench to turn the socket in tight places or for multiple connections (wrench and ratchet) to apply torque in awkward positions.

Due to the investment and resources used, we believe this small set is the initial teaser before they unveil a complete set of mechanics tool sets.  This would fill a slot of currently unavailable hand tools available from Milwaukee Tools, but currently available from their main competition.  Also, if Milwaukee Tool was not going to take this further, it would have been much cheaper to slap their name on a set of normal sockets.  The innovation to redesign a simple socket shows Milwaukee not only wants to get into this space, but to try to dominate it.

Hand Tools

While our focus is on the upcoming mechanics tool sets, Milwaukee also released a few tools that will be available in March and April of 2017.  The first of these tools is a lock-back knife that is very similar to a standard pocket knife with a three inch blade.  While it does not stand out in the innovative category, it does complete the knife offerings and styles from Milwaukee Tool.

There is also a very solid rolling tool bag for contractors.  The model we were able to see has a hard top for stacking, six inch ball bearing wheels and a very wide and study handle for pulling the cart up stairs.  There is no doubt this bag will fill a need for professionals who want to move around a large amount of tools in a quality bag.

Milwaukee Tool also put some innovation into a new line of hammers.  These hammers are designed to reduce vibration and have very little ring to them when hitting solid objects.  The claws have cuts that are offset to help with noise reduction and vibration.  The I-beam handle looks incredibly strong and the handle is comfortable.

These are exciting times if you are a Milwaukee Tool fan!  Milwaukee is working to dominate in almost all areas of the market and the consumers are in a great position because these tools will be available at great prices.

We know there is a lot more coming before the June Milwaukee Tool Symposium.  Subscribe to our blog, YouTube channel and social media to keep up with these exciting times.

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