Cordless Die Grinder

Milwaukee Tool claims the M18 FUEL Die Grinder (Model 2784-22), is the first brushless die grinder in the world.  Milwaukee Tool has been continuously innovating the cordless jobsite and creating tools that deliver corded power while running off a battery.  This cordless M18 die grinder delivers corded performance with over 20 minutes of grinding per charge with a 5.0Ah battery.  Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL, ¼” Die Grinder delivers 20,000 RPMs and has a maximum capacity of a 3” flap wheel.  In our shop, we stay away from those sized accessories because it would drag our corded models down.

Milwaukee designed the die grinder to have a very similar feel to the M18 angle grinder.  The main difference, other than the heads of the tool, is the slide switch on the die grinder.  The slide switch is easily operated with one hand by using your thumb to slide the switch forward allowing it to lock the tool on the on position.  The cooling intakes are covered with the same dust screens used on the M18 angle grinder.


  • 20,000 RPM brushless motor is designed to deliver corded performance.
  • M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery pack delivers over 20 minutes of grinding.
  • Brushless motor has no wearable components delivering up to 10X longer tool life.
  • Fits all 1/4″ shank accessories.

Cordless Takeover

While there are cordless die grinders on the market, many do not deliver the power or runtime to be considered a viable option to corded versions.  In our shop, we run a corded model all the time and still will for about 50% of the jobs now.  Why 50% you ask.  We have a variable speed die grinder that gives us flexibility to use different accessories that are not rated for 20,000 rpm.  These lower rated accessories are more affordable and in some cases easier to control in tight spaces.

Second, our corded die grinder is about the same size as the new M18, but it does not have the bulge of the battery on the end.  That battery might make the difference from the tool fitting next to the engine or it not fitting.  But for the times we can use it, not being attached to a cord will be huge!


When Milwaukee Tool announced the new M18 die grinder, we were on the edge of our seat waiting for them to be available.  After using the tool, we are still impressed and excited to add this tool to our arsenal of metal fab tools.  The only item that would make this tool take over as our main die grinder would be the ability for it to have a variable speed dial.  Being able to tune in our RPMs for the exact job can be important and can save our shop money on consumables.  Don’t be afraid of this tool if your fear is power.  Our carbide cutting tools of all sizes did excellent on this tool.

We will be waiting for other companies to catch up to Milwaukee Tools innovation in die grinders.


Voltage  18V
Length  18.00″
Weight  3.05 lbs
Height  4.50″
Width  3.25″
Tool Warranty  5 Years