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Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System & Tool Box Review

On-The-Go Tool Storage

Whether you are a contractor, electrician, plumber, carpenter, or cabinet installer, you need a solution to haul your tools to your place a business. This could be a clients business to install some new electrical runs or a clients kitchen to get their brand new kitchen installed. No matter your profession, you need your tools with you when you are on the go. There are many ways to haul your tools and supplies from one place to another but recently manufacturers are stepping up their game and introducing dedicated Modular Tool Storage Systems (MTSS) as a solution for their customers. There are many options out there from dozens of manufacturers but recently Milwaukee Tool has introduced their PACKOUT Modular Tool Storage System. They really didn’t have a good foothold in this market but that has all changed with the introduction of their new lineup.

Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Tool Storage

Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewWe first saw the PACKOUT System at NPS2017 in Milwaukee and were extremely excited about it. What makes it exciting? Milwaukee has designed all their release products with their “Mod-Lock” interlocking system. This means that all their products are connectable. This gives the customer the flexibility to build, arrange, and customize their PACKOUT setup that individually suites their needs. Whether that is specific for larger power tools, smaller hand tools, or even more organizers for parts and supplies. Milwaukee claims PACKOUT is the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

Within the launch of PACKOUT, Milwaukee has introduced 8 components or units into the lineup. Let’s review the shared features and specs and then we can dive into each unit and take a closer look. Let’s break down the system a little closer.

Mod-Lock Modular Connectivity

The most important feature for these units are the Mod-Lock Modular connectivity cleats (bottom) and connecting grooves (top). Simply place one component or unit onto another and align the cleats and grooves and push back. To release, simply press the button on the front of the unit and pull or push forward. While the units are empty, this can be a bit of a challenge with them being so light but add a couple tools and it is easy as pie.


IP65 Rated

All the hard cases (Toolboxes and organizers) are IP65 rated. What does this mean? Let’s quickly break it down for you.

The two digits represent different forms of environmental influence. The first digit represents protection against ingress of solid objects and the second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids.

6 means it is totally protected against dust ingress. 5 means they are protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction with limited ingress permitted.

Metal Reinforced Locking Points

cMilwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewIf the user decides they would like to lock their cases shut to prevent a person from opening and stealing the contents, the Toolboxes and Organizers feature metal reinforced locking points. Slap a locking mechanism on it and that quick theft is no longer an issue. Of course, the PACKOUT units are relatively small so the evil person could simply just pick up the unit and take off with it.

Beefy Latches

Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewThe Toolboxes and Organizers all have latches. Large latches with large handles to easily get leverage to open and close them. The small organizer has smaller corner latches but are still impressive for the size of the unit and with what the competing models on the market.

Metal Reinforced Corners

To keep their IP65 rating, Milwaukee Tool has included aluminum reinforced corners that help protect the units while they are on the go. Whether they are in the back of your pickup or work van, being carried into the job site or pushed back on the shelf, the metal corners will help keep these units in working order.

Rolling Tool Box

Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewThis Rolling Tool Box is the foundation to the PACKOUT Modular Tool Storage System. With the large industrial-grade extension handle and the 9′ all-terrain wheels, this unit is easy to pull wherever you need it to go. It has built-in hardware for strapping the unit down in the back of your pickup, trailer or work van. It is the largest of the hard cases in the PACKOUT system but the wheel wells take up a bit of the internal room. It can carry 250 pounds. Milwaukee has included side handles to easily pick up this unit when you need to put it somewhere. On the back of the unit, there is a great place for your foot to pivot the unit back on the wheels. It has a hand tool tray inside that can be position on the left or right side of center.


Large Tool Box

Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewSimilar in construction, the Large Tool Box has a bit of a smaller capacity and doesn’t have the wheel or extension handle. It does have a large metal reinforced handle for easy carrying. This unit is great for the medium to large power tools and fits perfectly on top of the Rolling Tool Box. The Large Tool Box has a 100-pound carrying capacity.

Tool Box

Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewBeing the smallest hard case in the PACKOUT system, it is perfect for smaller power tools or medium to large hand tools. It has a 75-pound capacity with interior organization trays and toolbox to keep smaller items nicely organized.

 Organizer and Compact Organizer

A perfect solution to screws, nails, wire nuts, or any other supplies or small parts you need while on the go, the Organizer and Compact Organizer is your go-to PACKOUT components. Featuring 10 bins and 5 bins that are removable and mountable. Once the lid is closed, the bins are locked in place and cannot be moved.

The Organizer is the same width as all the other larger components. This means it stacks like normal. The Compact Organizer is half the width so it can go on one-half of the top of a unit. You could put two right next to each other or a small Tote.

Totes Totes Totes

With specific industries and trades in mind, Milwaukee Tool has put three different size Totes in the PACKOUT lineup. 20″,15″, and 10″ Totes are constructed the same with the exception that the small 10″ Tote has a soft handle rather than a rigid handle like the 15″ and 20″.

The Totes are great for hand tools that need to always be at the ready. From screwdrivers, pliers, to wrenches, the Totes offer the organization that can be placed right on top of your PACKOUT stack or remove it and goes right to your project.

10″ Tote – 28 pockets

15″ Tote – 31 pockets

20″ Tote – 32 pockets


Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System ReviewPACKOUT is another modular tool storage system with an exceptional connectivity between each unit. We believe this connectivity brings it a step above the other systems out there. It truly gives the consumer the flexibility and customization to dial in whatever storage needs they may have. PACKOUT is a bit on the pricey side but we feel that will come down over time. Right out of the box, these units are well-built, well thought out, and are extremely convenient to get you organized while you are on the go.

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    I just bought mine tonight ive emailed milwaukee for about 5 years asking to make one and finally its here the big question is when dust and debris get in the mod locks or the wear and tear from sliding on ground is it gonna affect the mods and how is this dolly system gonna roll around in snow not much clearence compared to dewalt tough system either way i have one to go with my 2 big milwaukee tool chests

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