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Milwaukee Packout Cooler & New Item Speculation For More Uses

The Coolest Cooler

Milwaukee PACKOUT systems have been a large part of our travel gear for taking equipment to shows.  We either pack them with camera gear or car cleaning items to put the finishing touches on the cars we build.  The large case on rollers has been on countless flights and always came through for us.  The smaller items have not been our focus of testing, but when this cooler came out there was something about it that made use think twice.  While it took me a few minutes to figure out how to mount it, it became very clear that this is the perfect item to mount in the back of our Polaris Turbo S 4 for long trips or while running as a chase vehicle.

That is where the speculation and creativity come into play.  In searching, we found that you can buy just the base for the PACKOUT boxes in Europe.  We also have a reason to believe these bases will stateside side this year.  But even without a base, we can still fab up our system by taking the top from another PACKOUT box.  As you can see in the video, this would give us many options as to how to pack the Polaris for different uses.

Milwaukee Packout Cooler Features

  • Food grade leak-proof liner
  • Tape measure clip also works as bottle opener
  • Tear resistant ballistic material construction
  • All metal hardware
  • 5 storage compartments
  • No sweat exterior
  • Included padded shoulder strap

Jobsite Cooler

This is a pretty large cooler, so it would allow you to take extra water and other items with you daily.  If you are a crew leader and take water, it is perfect.  For some, they may think it is too large for lunch and a few snacks.  No matter how you use it, there is no doubt that it is the perfect party cooler as it will fit a large bottle of wine and many other beverages without issue.

With a possible PACKOUT base coming, we see so many options and are even more excited about how we could use the PACKOUT system more in our races and recreation.

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