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Milwaukee Metric Adjustable Wrenches

Milwaukee Tool Adjustable Wrench

IMG_20160505_180401675Milwaukee Tool keeps bring more hand tools to the market and it does look like they have plans of stopping.   This new line of adjustable wrenches, including 5 standard wrenches and 1 wide jaw wrench adds to a long list of hand tools now offered.  We might joke about a metric or standard adjustable wrench, but it is true that Milwaukee has imprinted the markings for metric sizes and SAE sizes on opposing sides.  This helps the used initially set up the tool for use before it is clamped tighter on the fastener before use.

Users of adjustable wrenches complain about the jaws loosening while in use causing the tool to strip nuts and bolts.  When this style of tool is loosely fitted to the fastener, the force is applied to the corners of the nut or bolt where it is the weakest.  Milwaukee designed their own adjustment screw to tight tolerances.  This screw will also not let the jaws back off or loosen during use.  If you use this style tool a lot, this new innovation is a big deal.

Milwaukee adjustable wrenches feature an ergonomic handle design for a comfortable fit in the hand, chrome plating for best-in-class rust protection and increased durability, and dual laser etched ruler markings for fast, easy-to-read fastener sizing.

There adjustable wrenches are backed by Milwaukee’s limited lifetime warranty.

Adjustable Wrench Model Options

48-22-7400      2 PC. Adjustable Wrench Set 6” & 10”
48-22-7415      15” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7412      12” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7410      10” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7508      8” Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7408      8” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7406      6” Adjustable Wrench

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2 Responses to “Milwaukee Metric Adjustable Wrenches”

  1. Bob #

    Interesting. Marked with both systems. With all the ones that I have that are marked, I have never used them. An unneeded gimmick.
    BTW, are these also made by Irega? I don’t see a ‘Spain’ stamping in the pics. however, the jaw marking and the squarish hanger hole seems to be their trademark.

    May 9, 2016 at 8:12 am Reply
    • Thanks Bob, I did not notice that.

      May 12, 2016 at 4:40 pm Reply

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