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Milwaukee M18 True View LED Light Stand 2130-20

Ready to Work

IMG_20151130_192554667We have had some time to work with the new Trueview M18 LED Stand Light that Milwaukee Tool has designed as a lighting solution that adapts, performs, and survives.  First thing that “all in one products” must do is set up easily. The 2130-20 passes the test as it can be setup in seconds.  The light can extend 7’ high but it collapses down to 40” for easy transportation and storage. The light head is adjustable from 4-7’ and shine light in almost any direction but straight down.

This unit provides 2,000 lumens in high mode, 1,300 in medium and 850 in low.  Runtime will be determined by the mode and the battery of choice, but an 8 hour runtime can be achieve with the light on low with the use of a 5.0Ah M18  battery.

2130-20 Features

  • Sets Up In Five Seconds, 7ft Max Extension
  • Rotating and pivoting head is extendable from 4-7’
  • Compact 26” footprint with low center of gravity
  • Three light output modes for optimal brightness and runtime
  • High Mode: 2,000 lumens for up to 4 hours with M18™ XC 5.0 Pack
  • Medium Mode: 1,300 lumens for up to 6 hours with M18™ XC 5.0 Pack
  • Low Mode: 850 lumens for up to 10 hours with M18™ XC 5.0 Pack
  • High Definition Output with true color, even beam, and natural light
  • Low battery indicator alerts users when the battery is nearing end of charge
  • Impact Resistant, Reinforced Legs
  • 5 Year Tool Warranty, LED Limited Lifetime Warranty


IMG_20151130_192636559With almost all LED lights, we recommend that you never look directly at them.  This one is no exception because on high the flood light is putting out 3,000 lumens.  Our shop is 2,992 square feet and this light was able to put out enough light on one side of the shop for me to walk around with enough light to see exactly what we was doing.  That is simply amazing!  This light could easily be the single source of light for people working in a basement or crawlspace.  The downside that we mentioned earlier, do not look directly into the light.

Milwaukee Tool has tagged this as a Trueview light.  Trueview is a term for Milwaukee Tools to describe what they call “best in class” light quality with a true representation of colors and details.  So for an electrician, it would mean that the light would not distort or change the color of wires.  Pink would be distinguishable from red just as if it was daylight.  This ability to have a light that is comfortable to use and allow users to be able to discern colors is important on the jobsite, but also nice for other uses as it does not stain your eyes.

To get a bit more technical on Trueview we have to look at a color rendering index.  This is a measuring index that describes the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.  The highest score is 100, and would only be given to a source identical to standardized daylight.  Most LED lights will fall in the upper fifties and lower sixties, but Milwaukee’s Trueview products reach the mid-eighties.


IMG_20151130_192616479While there are varying abilities of each work light, for general use, we believe this to be the best all in one work light that Milwaukee Tool has produced to date.  The build quality of the light is excellent.  The three modes offer a wide variety of lighting and battery life.  The fact that this unit comes with a stand makes it “stand out” from other lights on the market.

Overall, Milwaukee hit all the main items needed in a spectacular work light with this unit.  From unlit jobsites to outdoor adventures, we will have this light at our side.

PRICINGMilwaukee M18 True View LED Light Stand 2130-20


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