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Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light with Charger Review 2150-20 or 2151-20

Milwaukee’s 18 volt LED Sun

Milwaukee tool is the leader in battery powered LED lighting.  From the new pocket-sized lighting powered by RedLithium USB batteries through the M18 line, Milwaukee Tool makes some of the best lights on the market.  The new Milwaukee Tool Radius Site Light is available in a standard version (2151-20) or with One-Key (2150-20).  The One Key app allows for tracking, full control, and programming of the light.

Both versions of this light deliver absolutely amazing light with 9,000 lumens on high, 4,800 lumens on medium and 2,500 lumens on low.  The light has 360° coverage, but can be adjusted to cover 180° in the front or back of the light.  The Milwaukee Radius Site Light runs off one M18 battery, but it holds two batteries and will automatically switch to the second battery after the first battery is depleted.  When powered off 110-volt power via an extension cord, the light has a two-bay sequential charger.  So while you are using the light, it will charge batteries, one at a time.  While the light is plugged in, there is a power out to allow for daisy-chaining capability.  This allows users to connect up to 8 lights off of a single circuit or run a tool that is 10.8 amps or less.  This Radius site light has a 5-year tool warranty and limited lifetime LED warranty.

Site Light Features

  • Integrated Two-Bay Sequential Charger
  • 180° and 360° Electronic Light Control
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Plug-In and Daisy Chain
  • ONE-KEY Customize. Track. Manage
  • Set Light remotely from up to 100ft
  • Optimize Brightness & Runtime
  • Program Automatic Schedules
  • Integrated Tool Tracking & Security

9,000 Lumens on Battery

There is a lot of construction happening around our home and this light has become a favorite of many of the contractors who pass through.  It has been nicknamed “The Sun” or “The Lighthouse” because of the amount of light it produces.  Since the light is easily adjusted, almost all the trades from plumbing, electrical, drywall and even the tile crew have enjoyed it.  When quality is important, quality lighting that is the correct color palette is very important.  Not a single contractor batted an eye when we discussed the cost of $500 without One-Key.

The One-Key functions on the Radius Site Light are excellent.  With a light like this, tracking where it is in the tool inventory is important.  When the light is plugged into 110-volt power, it can be programmed to turn on and off daily.  This light could be placed on a jobsite and one would never need to turn it on or off, allowing for workers to walk into a fully lit jobsite.

Since this is a hybrid light, it can be used as a battery charger while it is in use and at the same time act as a power outlet for smaller tools that draw less than 10.8 amps.  No matter what type of work you do, this site light has the ability to adjust and perform to help you improve the quality of your work.

Site Light Specs

Voltage  18V
Length  14.0″
Weight  27.10 lbs
Height  31.30″
Width  20.28″

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