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Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Compact Site Light Review 2145-20

Super Tough Site Light!

IMG_20160727_174200396The Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Compact Site Light is a very stout light that surprised us in its ability to survive serious torture testing without showing a bit of wear.  This light was designed to replace the mainstream hanging lights currently found in most construction sites and has the ability to provide light in task, area, and overhead applications.  Since most LED lights are pretty intense to look at, Milwaukee has a diffuser over the LED lights to soften them, but they are still very bright on high providing 4,400 lumens.  Being a Milwaukee work light means these are a TRUEVIEW light that provides the proper color light for workers to easily see the correct colors in the light provided.
IMG_20160727_174209942Besides being one seriously tough light, it provides options for the user to configure the light in three modes of brightness; 4,400 lumens, 2,200 lumens and 1,000 lumens.  It will also provide light for task work on only half of the light.  This is perfect for rooms where the light might be on the floor or in a highly visible area as it will not blind people as they walk into the room.  Since we can use this light off battery or corded power, there is potions as to how to use them.  If using a cord, they have inputs and outputs to string them together, allow 11 to be chained together with extension cords.  The upper handle and bottom hook provide multiple areas to hang the light and the included security cable give you options on locking it up to prevent theft.

Site Light Features

  • Lighting For Task, Area, and Overhead
  • 4,400 Lumens for Maximum Coverage
  • High Impact Polycarbonate Lens
  • AC In and Out: String up to 10 together
  • Protected AC Plugs
  • Self-Centering Hang Hook
  • 180 and 360 Electronic Light Control Low Battery indicator

Worshop Addict Bucket Test

IMG_20160727_173747084Because this light will live an incredibly tough life, we decided to pull out all the punches and abuse this light to find its weak point.  Since the light is IP54 rated, we soaked it with water from our hose with the light powered by a battery.  We sprayed the battery, the light, the buttons and even dumped a 5-gallon bucket full of water on the light while still spraying it.  The light continued to work.  This will ensure that if anything were to happen in a building under construction, this light would remain on for the safety of the people inside.

We moved on to dropping the light over and over from many heights to see if this light would crack or break a piece off.  While this light is not lightweight, it would simply bounce off the floor not showing any damage or signs it had ever been dropped.  When turned on, it worked like normal.  You can even see from Jeff’s face in the video that we did not think it would handle being dropped over and over.  After dropping it and nothing happening, we decided to move on to the WA Bucket Test.

IMG_20160727_183726241_HDRThis is the first time we have placed our John Deere bucket on a light.  We normally reserve this test for saw horses, workbenches and other items that are rated to hold thousands of pounds.  Both Jeff and I had no idea that it might even come close to making it through the test still working.  We placed it under the bucket so it had pressure placed evenly on the top of the light and started to apply pressure.  As the bucket lowers, it also comes in closer to the tractor due to the radius of the loader.  This caused the light to slide on the floor creating a sound that made me think we broke it.  Jeff tested the light and we moved forward.  We were able to lift the front of the tractor off the ground without issue.  In the video, you can even see the bucket bend slightly from all the force being applied in one small area.


IMG_20160727_173943049This light is amazing.  It is very bright, has many options and came out from our testing still looking like brand new.  The only item that it is missing is Bluetooth and that will be coming out later this year as they connect this light to One-Key to allow it to be turned on and off via your phone.  Kudos to the engineers at Milwaukee tool for creating such a durable light that we can only assume will be very popular with the construction industry.  Beyond construction, this light would be awesome for camping and other outdoor activities where a durable light is needed!  The tool itself has a 5-year warranty while the LEDs carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  We don’t think you’re going to need the warranty.


  • (1) M18 RADIUS LED Compact Site Light (2145-20)
  • (1) Security Cable


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