Model 0886-20 M18 Air Mover

Milwaukee_M18_FanThe Milwaukee M18 jobsite fan provides some serious airflow along with excellent run time for a battery operated fan. Our testing of the Milwaukee fan proved it could circulate air over 40 feet, making it ideal for drying or cooling on a variety of buildings or jobsites.  This jobsite fan features a 120° adjustable head, 9 stopping positions and 3 speed settings to adjust airflow and run times if running off a battery. The Milwaukee fan also has an included AC adapter if you want to run it for long periods of time or if you don’t have a Milwaukee M18 battery handy. We are very impressed with the air flow from a compact fan.

 Features & Specs

  • Powerful Airflow System Circulates Air Over 40 Feet
  • Provides up to 17 hours of runtime on a XC5.0 Battery.  14 hours with a 4 amp hour battery
  • 120° Adjustable Head, and 9 Stopping Positions, Provide Best Control of Airflow Direction
  • AC Adaptor Included for Extended Run-Time
  • Four keyhole hangers and two hanging holes allow for multiple hanging orientations
  • Compatible with all M18 Redlithium Batteries
  • Three Speeds: High – 2,350 RPMS, Med – 1,900 RPMs, Low – 1,370 RPMs
  • Air flow 284 CFM (18 MPH)

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Helping you Work

Milwaukee_M18_Fan_upFirst and foremost, Milwaukee created a compact fan with very directed airflow that can help people who work in hot areas with little air flow.  My first thought when I turned on the fan was “I wish I had this when i was running electrical wires in the attic of our home”.  There is no doubt you could move air in a decent size area with this fan.  The air that flow out of the fan is very directed and not diffused so it can be quite a distance away and still flow air by you.  If you find yourself working in areas where you want air movement, you just found your new friend.

If you need a fan for drying purposes, I think it will work well for small areas.  As we stated the air leaving the fan is very directed.  It will move a significant amount of air, but if pointed at a wall from 10 feet away, it will blow air on a 5 foot circle.  Not to say it will not help in drying!  It just does not have the diffuse air that will hit large areas.

How Long Will it Run

Milwaukee_M18_Fan_RearWe have looked at other battery operated fans in the past and I was hoping Milwaukee would step up the game a bit for run time and battery protection.  Other fans stated in the manual not to run the fans too long on battery because it could over drain the battery and damage the battery pack.  Milwaukee states that the fan will shut off when the battery voltage is low protecting the battery from damage.  I was very happy to read that because many times you will leave a fan running and walk away.  The last thing I want to do is ruin a battery because I was not babysitting the fan.

Milwaukee states the XC5.0 amp hour battery will run this fan on low for 17 hours.  I did not have a 5 amp hour battery to test with, but i did do multiple tests with a 4.0 amp hour battery and found that you can expect 13 to 14 hours of run time on low.  Step up the fan speed to high and the run time drops to 3.5 to 4 hours.  I still think that is a great run time because most will not need to run this fan on high for personal cooling.  Even on high, the unit lasts a good amount of time and that time will increase as Milwaukee releases larger amp hour batteries later this year.

It’s Not Quiet

For a small fan, this unit makes some noise.  On low, there is a small amount of motor noise and very little air noise.  As you move up in speeds the air noise and motor noise both increase.  With such a compact design, I expect the air noise to be significant, but I was a bit surprised at the motor noise.  From 3 feet to the side, the fan is 41 decibels on low, 48 decibels on medium and 58 decibels on high.

AC Adapter

Milwaukee_Fan_M18Milwaukee provides an AC adapter for use with a 110 power outlet for extended use.  I do wish there was some place on board the fan to store this.  John mentioned he would rather see it be usable with an extension cord.  I am 50/50 on this as I like the look of the Ac adaptor for use indoors and i can see where you might not have a single ended extension cord available onsite.  I also see that the AC adapter is just one more item that needs to be stored with the fan and could get lost.

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I have been running this fan for about 3 weeks straight and it has not been off for more than 4 hours.  I was testing the fan in our tile bathroom shower area and my wife has decided that it needs to stay there unless it is needed in some other areas for a short time.  This is a very similar situation to the Milwaukee scissors that found a permanent home in our kitchen.  The fan is a very nice unit that can work in homes and not look out of place, but also perform well and be rugged enough to work on a jobsite.  If you need a mobile battery operated fan, I think you will be happy with its performance.

You can find this fan on Amazon:  Milwaukee M18 18-volt Lithium-ion Cordless Jobsite Fan