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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Quik-Lok Cordless Outdoor Power Tool System | String Trimmer, Edger, Pole Saw

Milwaukee added an expandable tool to their outdoor power tool lineup. This new modular tool head system, dubbed Quik-Lok will offer more options to come in the future!

The new Milwaukee Quik-Lok multi-head power tool system is part of the M18 Fuel cordless battery platform. Like other systems on the market the power head, powered by an M18 Fuel brushless motor, allows for interchangeable tool attachments to be swapped for different tasks. This allows users to purchase attachments based on the needs of the user and can decrease the investment in multiple tools. But is this system right for you?

Currently, the Milwaukee Quick-Lok system has 4 separate tools and an extension.

String Trimmer
–14″ to 16″ cutting swath
–.080/0.095″ line diameter
–Available as a kit (2825-21ST) for $329 https://amzn.to/2PvtdlO
–Available as a bare tool (2825-20ST) for $229
–Available as an attachment (49-16-2717) for $109

Pole Saw
–10″ bar length
— 3/8″ Chain
–Available as a kit (2825-21PS) for $399
–Available as an attachment (49-16-2720) for $164 https://amzn.to/2Vnmksh

–8″ blade size
–38″ length
–Available as an attachment (49-16-2718) for $109

Hedge Trimmer
–20″ blade length
–1″ cut capacity
–60″ length
–13 operating positions
–Available as an attachment (49-16-2719) for $164 https://amzn.to/2W6ULk0

3′ Attachment Extension (49-16-2721) for $54

The extension is included if you buy the pole saw if you buy it as a kit, but is also available separately for use with the hedge trimmer and pole saw attachment.

The kits come with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok power head, the specified attachment (string trimmer or pole saw with extension), a multi-voltage rapid charger, and (1) HD 9.0Ah battery.

You can purchase a quick detach shoulder strap (49-16-2722) for $20.
Replacement 10″ pole saw chain (49-16-2723) are available for $18.

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