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Milwaukee M18 FUEL ONE-KEY SAWZALL Review 2721-22

Sawzall It Right!

img_20161102_141125430The One-Key Sawzall offers some unique features to a Sawzall that will allow you to cut material faster, but also increase blade life.  In our testing, we took an experienced construction worker and placed them up against the One-Key Sawzall to see who would cut faster and longer.  Using standard metal blades, the experienced user had a slight lead on the first cut completion, but the One Key Sawzall quickly caught up and passed him in the second cut.  The One-Key Sawzall allowed the blade to keep cutting for 4 cuts in thick metal while the experienced user was only able to get 3 cuts.  So blade like is significantly increased by having the proper speed rather than feathering the trigger.



Beyond speed of cut and blade life, One-Key allows you to inventory, track and manage tools.  The ability to save purchase information can be a huge help with warranty service.  It is a mixed bag of users who like One-Key and we know that users will only adjust the Sawzall when they are going to do a lot of the same cuts and would never mess with it for a single cut.  With the 4 modes, some, might set it up for different materials and leave it be.  However you might use the system, being able to have 4 modes is a benefit over the standard FUEL Sawzall.


  • Designed to be faster than corded
  • ONE-KEY Compatible means it is Customize, Track and Manage tool’s performance and location
  • Easily toggle between up to four custom performance profiles
  • Universal Keyless Blade Clamp
  • Keyless Adjustable Shoe
  • LED Light

One-Key & a Sawzall

img_20161102_141119074_burst001The Milwaukee One-Key Sawzall is different than most other tools we have used with One-Key.  The standard fuel Sawzall does not have different modes and speeds, while the One-Key Unit does have 4 speeds.  A benifit to all users, even if you dislike One-Key.  One-Key gives the user the chance to make this tool perform exactly how they would like for the task at hand.  The ability to choose blades, material being cut, and a cut brake gives contractors the ability to drop this tool in the hands of a less experienced user and have disposable blades last longer.  This also speeds up construction time saving man hours for the contractor and consumer.

Sawzall History

img_20161102_141112601_burst000_cover_topThe Sawzall was invented in 1952 by two engineers working for Milwaukee, Jerome L. Schnettler and Edward W. Ristow.  Ristow had been adapting wobble-plate mechanisms to the tool’s design, but he wanted to create a powerful, portable, high-speed saw that would cut wood, metal, or composite materials with a reciprocating action. A number of reciprocating drill attachments was already available, but there were no independent tools based on this technology. Schnettler jumped in and produced all the detailed production drawings for every part in the prototype Sawzall.

The Sawsall really caught on in the 1960’s and has been refined from then on into what we now see on the market.  These tools, mostly used for rough cuts and demolition, have been produced to be easier to use with less vibration felt by the user.  The cordless power is increasing that the usefulness of these tools keeps expanding, even into pruning trees and other non-construction jobs.


Voltage 18V
Battery M18™ REDLITHIUM™
Charger M18™ and M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger
Battery Warranty 3 Year
ONE-KEY Enabled Yes
Length 18-1/2″
Weight 8.9 lbs
LED Light Yes
Stroke Length 1-1/8″
Keyless Adjustable Shoe Yes
Keyless Blade Clamp Yes (QUIK-LOK® Universal)
Blade Clamp QUIK-LOK® Universal
SPM 0 – 3,000
Hang Hook Yes
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Cut Brake Yes

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