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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review 2734-20

10″ Battery Miter Saw

img_20160920_173355511The long awaited Milwaukee M18 Fuel 10″ miter saw is hitting the market.  Be sure to watch out YouTube video (Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review) for a full walk through and testing results.  Many are probably asking why has there been such a wait for this saw.  We think we can answer that in our testing.  It is clear that the 9.0Ah M18 battery is what drives the performance of the 2437 miter saw.  We tested it with the 5.0 Ah battery and there is a noticeable difference in power.

Either way, The M18 Miter saw is here and the design is quite a bit different than other saws on the market.  When the rails of the saw are fully extended, the saw head is sitting right next to the fence.  This is the exact opposite of most other saws on the market.  This saw also has a long arm that attaches to the head.  Due to that long arm, the dust collection suffers slightly due to the distance the dust must travel to get to the bag or vacuum hose.  The rumors of head deflection and inaccurate cuts with the Milwaukee M18 miter saw are just that, rumors.  We checks our cut angles in every way possible and we were able to produce consistent cuts that were very accurate.  You can see a lot of that in our video.

2437-20 Features

  • 5-3/4″ Vertical Capacity (Base Board Against the Fence)
  • 2×12 Horizontal Capacity (Laying Flat at 90°)
  • 5-1/4″ Vertical Capacity Nested Crown
  • Cam Locking Miter System with Adjustable Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate and 11 detent locations
  • Dual Bevel with 9 detents and easy access bevel lever
  • Shadow Cut Line Indicator for quickly lining up cuts
  • Top and Side Carrying handles for maximum portability
  • Detent Override for Easily Setting Miter Locations Outside of Detents
  • Up to 400 Cuts per Charge
  • Tall Sliding / Removable Fences to Support Large Base and Crown Against The Fence
  • Easy Access Blade Change

Your Questions Answered

img_20160920_173753542We have had a ton of questions about the Milwaukee Fuel M18 miter saw and we would like to go through them one by one to help you out if you are looking at purchasing the saw.

What is the approximate price of the saw?  At this time, we are seeing a price of around $599.00 with a charger and 9.0Ah battery included.

Would you run this saw in construction with the 5.0Ah battery?  The power difference between the 5.0Ah battery and the 9.0Ah battery is noticeable.  The video shows it well when cutting a 2×12.  But for smaller trim cuts we do not feel it would be as big of a deal.  You could use this with the 5.0Ah battery, but we would highly suggest you have a 9.0Ah around to feel the difference.

img_20160920_173607381The head of our saw moves slightly when in the up position, is this normal?  The design of the saw leave the rails fully extended in the full back position and with the head of the saw up, there is a large angle allowing the user to apply leverage to move the head of the saw.  When the saw head is moved down in the motion to cut wood, the movement is no longer there and these is little to no head deflection when cutting.  This was something we noticed and tested right away.

Is the saw comfortable to use and adjust?  Yes, the handle and safety are easy to use.  The miter adjustment is pretty standard, but the bevel adjustment is slightly different than what is currently on the market.  The large paddle that is lifted for the bevel adjustment is comfortable and easy to use.  The fences do adjust easy and in some areas the fences will lift slightly even when tightened.  Overall there is a really good user interface.


Beyond the hype, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel miter saw was very impressive to use with the 9.0Ah battery.  There are a lot of rumors floating around and we worked to test each one.  There is no perfect miter saw and each design give advantages and disadvantages.  In Milwaukee’s case, this design does lead to a comfortable use with solid accurate cuts and a great battery life.


RPM  4,000
Voltage  18V
Battery  M18
Max Miter Capacity  50 / 60
Vertical Capacity Against Fence  5-3/4″
Vertical Capacity Nested Crown  5-1/4″
90 Cross Cut Capacity  2 x 12
45 Miter Cross Cut Capacity  2 x 8
45 Bevel Cut Capacity  2 x 12
Weight  45 lbs
Maximum Bevel Capacity  48 / 48
Tool Warranty  5 Years

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