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Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench Review

2655 & 2655B Review

Milwaukee_2655The power of the full sized Milwaukee Fuel impact wrench is amazing, but the weight needed to produce 1,100 ft pounds is not always ideal for all day use.  Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M18 1/2″ compact impact wrench that is the same size as the 3/8″ M18 compact impact wrench.  With this tool weighing in at 2.4 pounds, it is light weight and still produces 210 ft-lbs of peak torque.  There are three modes of drive control to adjust for the specific torque needed.  We list two model numbers above and they are the same impact wrench except for the anvil; the 2655 has a pin-indent square-drive anvil and the 2655B has a ball detent square-drive anvil. Both models are able to squeeze into tight spaces because they are the same size.  These are Fuel models so they include the Redlink Intelligence System that communicates with Redlithuim Batteries and the Powerstate Brushless Motor.


  • FUEL -Redlithuim Battery, Redlink Intelligence System & Powerstate Brushless Motor
  • 3 Fastening modes:
    • Mode 1. 0-900 RPM, 1100 IPM
    • Mode 2. 0-1600 RPM, 2400 IPM
    • Mode 3. 0-2400 RPM, 3100 IPM
  • Tool weighs just 2.4 lbs.
  • LED light on tool illuminates work space
  • Fuel gauge on battery indicates remaining battery life
  • 5-year limited tool/charger warranty; 3-year limited battery warranty

Lightweight & Compact

Milwaukee_2655_ImpactMy gearhead tenancies have me taking apart and repairing a lot of mechanical items that range from agriculture to ATV’s.  I really enjoy power, in fact I try to live by the motto “Go big or go home”.  But there are a few cases where more power and weight can be a hindrance on an all day job.  I have been making a move away from the biggest and best impact wrench to smaller ones for everyday use.  Don’t take me wrong, the big and bad impact wrenches are there for when they are needed, but the small lightweight ones are used when they can do the job.  Most people think of driving lags or removing lug nuts when using an impact wrench, but when you have control of the tool you can use them for much smaller jobs.  My recent review of the M12 1/4″ and 3/8″ impact wrenches allow you to control the units down to 10 ft-lbs.  When you have that type of control you can use them for small parts installation, changing air filters and even installing screws into plastic parts.

Milwaukee_2655_Drive_ControlThe size of this 1/2″ compact impact wrench allows for it to easily fit between studs or a bit easier into today’s over crowded automotive engine compartments.  I enjoy using this model with the 2.0 Ah battery because of the smaller size.  I can easily rotate all the tires on a car with only losing one bar of battery life from the four shown. The three modes stand out to me because I can use this wrench to install the lugs on the cars again without thinking about over tightening them before I tighten them correctly with the torque wrench.


Milwaukee_2655_Impact_WrenchMy first thoughts when using the unit were that the impacts per minute were very high and it sounded a lot like an impact driver with quick light hits.  After the first few lugs I started to see that there was a bit more control with this style of impact.  While the lugs did not fly off like they do with larger units, the removal is more precise and controlled.  The unit responds the same to a 100 ft-lb nut or a 200 ft-lb nut.  Both come off a bit slower and controlled.  Fastening is pretty similar as the bolt or nut is turned with more precision rather than brute force.  I was using mode one to initially set the lugs on my jeep because it had a maximum torque of 80 ft-lbs and I torque them to 95 ft-lbs.  When I used the torque wrench for the final tightening, I found that the tool was not fastening to the 80 ft-lbs.  This led me to a bit more testing that showed this tool was not quit up to the peak torque numbers when fastening, but when loosening bolts it easily stood up to all claims.  My video goes a bit more in depth.


If you are looking for a small impact wrench that will cover you for most of the work on equipment or construction, this unit is small and lightweight and will provide the power needed most of the time.  I could not use this unit as my only 1/2″ impact wrench because it is limited to 210 ft-lbs, but this tool will used 5 to 1 over the much larger and heavier impact wrenches in my tool box.  Since this is the same size and very close in specs to the 3/8″ M18 impact wrench, my choice of tools will solely depend on the sockets available for the specific job at hand.  If you do not have a light weight impact wrench, check them out.  I really believe they can be a faster and more comfortable way to get smaller jobs done.

Buy HereM18 Fuel 18-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Compact Impact Wrench XC Battery Kit



Voltage 18V
Battery M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC4.0
Charger M18™ and M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Battery Warranty 3 Year
Length 6″
Weight 3.9 lbs
Peak Torque 210 ft-lbs (2,520 in-lbs)
No Load Speed 0-2,400 RPM
No Load IPM 0-3,100

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