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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower vs Dewalt Flexvolt 60v Blower

Milwaukee vs Dewalt

The Milwaukee M18 and Dewalt Flexvolt blowers are two new products that will appeal to anyone who owns the M18 or Dewalt 20 volt line.  These two companies have done battle over voltage, amp hours, watt hours and innovation.  Just as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, we can debate who is better between Milwaukee and Dewalt, but we will try to stick to our indoor testing and real world testing to come up with a path for those looking to purchase these new blowers.

When looking for a blower you have to look at two different published specifications to determine the power.  Look at the speed that the air moves out of the tube (MPH) and also the volume of air the blower moves (CFM).  In most cases, the MPH is the number that will get items moving and the CFM will be the number that keeps things moving.  If a blower has a small tube and only advertises MPH, then I would suggest you walk.  Blowers are categorized by CFM; below 200 CFM are viewed as small sweeper units for hard flat surfaces, 200 to 400 CFM are light duty or residential, 400 to 500 CFM are medium duty and anything above 500 CFM is considered commercial.  To confuse this more, some manufacturers will give their numbers at an “up to” or a “maximum”.

Dewalt Flexvolt Blower Specs

Voltage  60V Max
Maximum Air Volume  423 CFM
Length  34.5″
Maximum Air Speed  129 MPH
Noise Rating  67
Weight  9.8 lbs
Cruise Control  Yes
Height  16.0″
Width  8.5″
Tool Warranty  3 Year

DEWALT DCBL770X1 FlexVolt 129 MPH 423 CFM 60V MAX Handheld Blower, 3.0AH battery

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower Specs

Voltage  18V
Maximum Air Volume  450 CFM
Length  35.5″
Maximum Air Speed  100 MPH
Noise Rating  63 (ANSI B175)
Weight  5.7 lbs
Cruise Control  Yes
Height  11.0″
Width  6.5″
Tool Warranty  3 Year

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 100 MPH 450 CFM 18-Volt Lithium-ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit

Light Duty Battle

Both of these blowers fall in the medium duty class, but due to the runtime, we classify them as construction or light duty blowers.  If each could get 40 minutes of runtime, we would change that classification to medium as many more commercial people would look into theses blowers.

Runtime and performance are hot topics in battery operated outdoor power equipment.  There is a battle by the manufacturer to produce the most efficient tool, but then balance the power output with runtime.  In our testing the Dewalt Flexvolt 60v Blower was able to run 12 minutes 30 seconds on high on one charge.  The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower was able to run for 15 minutes 50 seconds on one charge.  Both tests we are full throttle.

Lab Testing

Our indoor tests are mean to give the viewer a visual of the power of each blower.  Each test has issues with what it tests and how each blower will respond will sometimes depend on the design.  Floating a ball on the blower tube while running the blower is mostly a test of MPH as a smaller tubed blower will do better in this situation.  We seen that happen with the Dewalt Flexvolt.  The larger tube higher CFM unit should be able to push something farther.  But in our testing, the Dewalt was able to push items further than the Milwaukee.  That could be because of the drag on concrete or how the wind deflected off the gas tank.  Either way, “Lab Testing” results showed the Dewalt as the winner.

Real World Testing

We see it all the time with cars, sometimes the higher HP car is not the fastest at the track.  Our indoor testing results flipped once we went out and blew some leaves around.  The higher MPH of the Dewalt FlexVolt was able to get items up and moving fast but was unable to keep them moving once the items became scattered.  The Milwaukee had a very broad path that it could blow and the CFM was able to keep items moving longer in a wider path.

Real world testing is what we like to rely upon.  In this case though, you have two blowers that each do well.  The Dewalt is able to get some items moving that the Milwaukee struggled with.  But once the items were moving, the Dewalt could lose the battle while the Milwaukee started to shine.


These blowers are close in specifications and if you are already into one battery platform, the clear winner is the platform you own.  If that is not the case, between the performance and ergonomics, we show the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower as the winner.  The Dewalt FlexVolt is not a new design and is basically the Dewalt 40 volt redone to take the new battery.  Left handed users will find the Dewalt harder to use due to the intake sucking air next to their leg and the cruise control being on the wrong side.  The new design of the Milwaukee was more efficient as shown in the runtime and also easier to use outdoors.

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