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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 7″ Variable Speed Polisher Cleaning up our 1970 Chevelle SS

Remove Swirl Marks

IMG_20160816_082805875Polishing a car to a perfect shine is part of the detailing process done to cars from the professionals down to amateurs.  No matter who you are, the cord on polishers will get in the way of working on your car, truck, boat, semi or anything with a shiny finish.  We not have a solid cordless option for the pros down to the DIYers to help us through those tough spots.

Milwaukee recently introduced the M18 FUEL 7″ polisher and we were stoked to use it.  Our current corded polisher has a larger RPM range, the cordless model fit in perfect for the projects we have on our plate.  To get a feel for the polisher, we worked on the top of our 1970 Chevelle SS that was washed a few times by our mechanic with little care.  The paint honestly looked like it might have been wiped off with a towel and sand rather than washed.  So this car needed a bit more car than many that this tool might be used on.  We also wanted a perfect finish, like many so we spent extra time working on each area.  We used our favorite 3M profession foam pad glaze and went to it.  Foam pads can suck up a bit more energy, but we were slightly surprised when the first 5.0Ah battery dies before we finished the trunk.  Overall, the performance was great, but we ended up going through five 5.0Ah batteries to complete the top of the car.

The M18 Fuel Polisher did like batteries, but it did give us the experience of working without worry of where the cord was.  Our ability to start at any place we wanted and not the center of the car was great!  The freedom was excellent and power was very solid all the way through the battery life.  This is a tool that we did not mind it using batteries.  Also, take into account that our paint needed serious help and some might be able to finish a full car on a single charge.  We might not be able to due to our technique, but some may.

M18 Polisher Features

  • Cordless Detailing
  • Total Control with multiple handles
  • 7″ Pad Capacity
  • Variable Speed Dial and Trigger
  • Constant Power Technology

Who is this tool for?

IMG_20160816_083253162We are car guys through and through.  We love loud, obnoxiously fast cars that look good.  We use the same products professionals do, but we do not do it every day.  With that said, we feel this tool is a solid supplement for the professional who might work on the go or need it for small spots where the cord gets in the way.  This will not replace a corded polisher for the professional.  The person at home who details his car a few times a year will love this tool and not need a corded unit if he has a few batteries.  The batteries will charge pretty close to the speed they are drained in many cases.  This tool has it’s place for many different people, but performance wise, if you need something under 2,000 rpm, it will work for the professional.

PRICINGMilwaukee M18 FUEL 7″ Variable Speed Polisher



Voltage 18V
Length 19.8″
Weight 6.4 lbs w/ 5.0 Battery
Polishing RPM 0 – 2,200 RPM
Height 3.31″
Width 4.10″
Trigger Lock On Off
Capacity 7″
Tool Warranty 5 Years

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