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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-9/16″ SDS Max Hammer Drill Review Model 2717-22HD

First Battery  SDS Max Drill

img_20161013_134538074The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-9/16” SDS Max Rotary Hammer is a cordless tool that many contractors, excavators and concrete specialist will enjoy on the jobsite.  There is no need to a generator or temporary power to drill larger holes in concrete!  This is a time savings for them.  The 2717 has a max twist bit size of 1-9/16” and a max core bit size of 4″.  The tool was designed to drill as fast as a corded SDS Max rotary hammers, provide corded durability, and give solid battery life to complete jobs.

SDS Max drills have many different ratings and it is important that you purchase the right sized rotary hammer for your application.  We have been on many jobsites watching a crew member try to drill a large hole with too small of a drill.  The smaller drill slows the process down drastically.  In one case, introducing the proper sized drill cut an excavation firms drilling time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.  In today’s economy and bidding market, the cost of that hole dropped significantly and production increased.

The M18 FUEL 1-9/16 SDS Max Rotary Hammer is currently the largest of the Milwaukee cordless SDS family of rotary hammers.

PRICINGMilwaukee M18 FUELTM 1-9/16″ SDS Max Hammer Drill Kit


Where Does The 2717 Work Best

img_20161013_134839473While we proved that a 1-7/16″ hole 16″ deep can be completed in a decent amount of time with the new Milwaukee SDS Max rotary hammer, we feel it is important that we discuss where this rotary hammer really likes to live.  When using twist bits, the M18 powered drill really performs best at 1-1/4″ and below.  Using Core bits, 2-3/4″ and below were the top performers.  Those sized bits were more suited to deliver the 5 ft lbs of impact with the added friction the dust creates.

Similar to towing with pickup trucks, towing at the absolute max rating is normally not a thrilling experience.  The brakes, engine torque and suspension are working at the max and the end experience at the user level is not overly impressive.  If one would drop down to half the recommended max level, the performance and overall experience is much better.  Same philosophy with almost all rotary hammers.  While they can drill at the max rating, it is normally much slower and sometimes mind numbing.

This cordless rotary hammer makes many of the SDS Plus models loos small and powerless.  The 9.0 Ah High demand battery is really what is making these larger tools possible.  Since the battery is 3P, has 3 layers of batteries that equal 18 volts each, to spread the load across, the battery will last longer and not time out due to overload or heat.  This tool can be used with smaller batteries, but for drilling, it really takes the punch out of the tool.  Chipping was not that much different.  The kit we went over in our video would be highly recommended for use in the professional field.


Voltage  18V
Battery Warranty  3 Year
Length  18.75″
Weight  12.15 lbs
No Load RPM  0-450
Height  10.1.”
Width  3.0″
Blow Energy  5.1 ft-lbs
BPM  0 – 3,000
Solid Bit Capacity  1-9/16″
Handle Style  D-Handle
Tool Warranty  5 Years

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