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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-1/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Review

90% Corded Parts

IMG_20160310_183602058Battery operated tool have evolved to be very similar to their corded counterparts.  Milwaukee Tool has been pushing to have their M18 Fuel tools have similar if not better performance that the similar corded models.  The drive to have quality cordless tools has upped the ante in the tool market forcing all companies to product battery operated tools with quality parts designed to last as long as the corded tools sitting next to them on the shelf.  Our shop is full of tools from my Grandfather who was a general contractor and cabinet builder.  Some of these tools are stamped that they were purchased in October of 1974.  With these tools being older than I am and still in working condition, the thought of a 30 year old battery operated tool seems impossible because technology has come so far since then.  It is not!  While the battery technology might change, the tools are now built to stand the test of time.  With adapters coming out to allow new battery technology on old tools, there is a good possibility you OLD battery operated tools will still be in use in 20 years.

2715-20 Features

  • 1-1/8″ Max Capacity
  • 0-1,350 RPM
  • 0-5,000 BPM
  • 3.3 ft. lbs. Impact Energy
  • 12.8″ long
  • 7.7 lbs

SDS Plus

IMG_20160310_183540523Concrete is one of my favorite items to drill holes in.  We have worked with 1/8″ holes for small fasteners and drilled up to 8-1/2″ holes for PVC entrances in man holes.  There is nothing like holding on to a 25 pound rotary hammer pounding away knowing that you might hit wire mesh or rebar at any moment.  Thankfully today many of these large rotary hammer drills have clutches in them to save your wrist and shoulders from getting hurt!  The Milwaukee 2715-20 is a M18 fuel drill that was built to have the performance of the top of the line corded models, but allow for portability in the field.  Our use of this tool has proved that power is not lacking in this rotary hammer.

IMG_20160310_183333437The absolute first thing that we noticed when we picked up the tool was the casting around the motor and gearing.  There is very little plastic holding everything together.  The Anti-Vibration System (AVS) works through the handle to keep your hand and trigger finger comfortable for those long deep holes.  While the construction of the tool was impressive, the power and runtime were excellent.  Our runtime test was to drill hole after hole in 4,000 psi concrete with a 3/4″ bit.  This test was not only taxing on the Redlithium XC 5.0 battery, but also on the tool as it was running pretty hard for almost 20 minutes straight as we completed 28 drill holes.  After 20 minutes, our hands were not numb and we could have dropped in another battery and continued drilling.  The tool is a very comfortable and powerful tool that will work great for contractors.


MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 1-1/8 In SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill



Voltage  18V
Battery  M18™ REDLITHIUM™
Charger  M18™ and M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger
Battery Warranty  3 Year
Length  12.8″
Weight  7.7 lbs
No Load Speed  0 – 1,350
Blow Energy  3.3 ft-lbs
BPM  0 – 5,000
Trigger Lock  No
Solid Bit Capacity  1-1/8″
Thin Wall Core Bit Capacity  3″
Drilling Mode  3-Mode: Rotary Hammer, Hammer Only, Rotation Only
Handle Style  Drop Motor
Vibration  8.6 m/s2
Tool Warranty  5 Years

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