M18 vs Corded Heat Gun

Milwaukee has some pretty stout claims for the new M18 Compact Heat Gun, model 2688-20.  Milwaukee Tool claims it reaches an operational temperature in less than 7 seconds.  We wanted to see what that operation temperature was and show our audience the performance of the tool so you can make an educated decision if this tool is worth the investment.  For most of us who use heat guns, the cord is a pain.  we are all ready to drop the cord but we want the performance to get the job done fast!

First, the new Milwaukee M18 Compact Heat Gun has some features that are a bit nicer than our full-sized corded Milwaukee Heat Gun.  The M18 has a guarded nozzle for protection against burning work surfaces or your skin when using the heat gun.  The ladder hook gives the user one more option of how to set the tool down without damaging surfaces.  The small size makes it easier to get in tight places, along with the lack of the cord.

Milwaukee M18 18v Compact Heat Gun Kit 2688-21

2688-20 Features

  • High Performance Heating Coil
  • Temperature management system provides maximum life
  • Compatible with all M18 Battery Packs
  • Compact heat gun 6.4” long
  • Guarded Nozzle
  • Ladder Hook
  • LED Light

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Heat Gun Testing

In our shop, we use heat guns to remove stickers or apply tint.  there are many more uses and we wanted to get information out to you in a way that covers all basis.  Our testing begins with a normal meat thermometer.  We use the M18 and our larger, more powerful corded model to heat up the probe over two minutes.

In the YouTube video, you can notice that by 30 seconds, the probe is about as hot as it will get.  That is a cool test to see how fast both units heat up, but the size of the probe might be a limiting factor.  it is clear the corded model heats up faster and hotter as it should since it is a larger model.

We then thought we would see if the M18 or corded heat gun would heat a quarter to a higher temperature in 30 seconds.  Since the heat is off in our shop, it is 55 degrees and with the coin in the vise, the Milwaukee thermal Imager only shows the coin at 72 degrees.  Up next, the corded Milwaukee heat gun pushed up the temperature to 92 degrees.  We feel that the M18 was at a disadvantage because it went first, having to heat up the vise a bit also.

Next, we pulled out some solder thinking that this is a fair test.  The time it takes to melt the solder will show the speed the tool heats up and the intensity of the heat.  There is no doubt that the higher rated corded model heated the solder up faster, but the M18 was still very impressive.

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Our testing made it clear that the 1,000 degrees rated corded version was superior to the 875 degrees rated M18 compact heat gun.  That seems obvious right!  But the goal of the testing was to include time and temperature ratings as each gun went to work allowing you to watch and see if this compact gun will work for your situation.