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Milwaukee M18 5″ Random Orbit Sander Review 2648-20

Milwaukee M18 Sander

Milwaukee M18 5" Random Orbit Sander Review 2648-20If you are a woodworker and a fan of Milwaukee Tools, this new Milwaukee M18 5″ Random Orbit Sander is something you have been waiting for.  As a guy that is into trim work and making his home look the best possible, this small cordless sander is something that we too have been waiting for.  Yes, there are other brands on the market, some low end, and some very high end, but none have the experience with battery powered tools like Milwaukee Tools does.  None of them have the amount of tools that take the same M18 battery like Milwaukee.  This is a big deal as this new random orbit sander works great and also has the runtime to finish almost any sanding task that one would use this size sander for.

As I stated in our video review, sanding is not a fun task for me.  It is a necessary evil to get to the perfect final product.  Back in the day, there was more vibration felt in your hand and the ergonomics were not there.  Of course, we are also talking about a metal cased random orbit sander.   Things are a bit better now.

Why We Like This

Milwaukee M18 5" Random Orbit Sander Review 2648-20With Milwaukee Tool getting into so many different categories, one always wonders how well a product will be. This sander is well thought out in the comfort, styling, and usefulness of the design.  If you are right-handed, the sander fits like a glove.  The power button is perfectly placed next to the variable speed dial.  If you are left-handed, there is a slight adjustment in grip needed to change the speed, but nothing serious.  The vibration from the orbital action is not felt much in the grip, allowing the user to sand without feeling numb after a while.  Battery runtime is amazing and from my experience, it will run longer than you will want to sand!

There are a few options for dust collection.  The first is to use the filter that comes with the sander.  The filter works exceptionally well and captures most of the dust that the sander produces.  The second option is to use the vacuum attachment that also comes with the sander.  This will take the small and larger hosed vac hoses.  Either way, dust will not be much of an issue for you.  If you would like to use a larger battery than the 5.0Ah, there is an extension that can be added to these attachments to make them work.  The options are all here to use this sander with any battery you would like.

While this is not a FUEL model, we feel this is one of the best battery operated sanders on the market for this size.  You can spend a lot more money on a sander, but you are getting just about the same quality.  This is a definite have for anyone who wants to be a little bit more mobile when sanding.

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