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Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron Review | 2488-20

Cordless Soldering

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron Review | 2488-20The challenge with cordless soldering is getting a good battery operated soldering iron.   Until now, battery operated soldering irons did not hit the mark.  The New Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron dominates this space with a unit that heats up to over 200 degrees in 20 seconds and holds the heat for use in multiple situations.  This battery operated unit outperformed many of our corded units that we rely on weekly.  Milwaukee Tool added a few options that make this unit stand out.  First, the heat indicator tells you when the tool is warming, ready-to-use, and cool, allowing the user to concentrate on their work.  Second, there is a 3 position pivoting head with an LED light that lets you work in the most comfortable position for the situation.  With a 2.0 Ah battery, we were able to solder for about 25 minutes.  Larger battery options would increase this time significantly.

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron Kit 2488-21

2488-20 Features

  • Heats Quickly, Maintains Optimized Temperature
  • Ready-to-Use & Safe-to-Store Tip Indicator
  • 3-Stop Pivoting Head for Unmatched Access
  • 18 Second Heat Up Time
  • Green LED Indicates Operating Temperature Reached
  • Red LED Indicates Tool is Off and Still Hot
  • 3-Stop Pivoting Head: Delivers Unmatched Access
  • Tool-Free Tip Change: Easily Switch Between Chisel and Pointed Tips
  • LED Work Light
  • Compatible with all M12 Battery Packs

Shop Changing Soldering Iron

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron Review | 2488-20As we go over in our YouTube video, we have a very large soldering stick that is commonly used for most items that can be done on a bench.  This super large iron gets very hot and completes the job of soldering wires together in seconds.  With that said, it has many downfalls as it has no way to be set down without burning what it has been set on.  The large iron takes 10 minutes to heat up and over 45 minutes to cool down.  When we compare it to the Milwaukee M12 soldering iron, the speed of soldering is different, but the convenience of the Milwaukee is huge!  The 20 seconds of heat up time until use and ability to set the unit down without burning something makes this unit a no-brainer for use.

If you were to include the warm-up time in the use of each tool, the Milwaukee will complete almost any job faster than the larger corded unit we have.  This is a huge step forward for anyone wanting a quality soldering iron.  The ability to go cordless, change head positions, have an LED light and be able to work for a significant time on a small battery makes this soldering iron well worth every penny they want for it!

M12 Soldering Iron Specifications

Warranty  5 Year Limited Warranty
Length  10.060″
Weight  0.480 lbs
Height  1.385″
Width  1.136″
Compatible Batteries  Compatible with All M12™ Chargers
Compatible Chargers  Compatible with All M12™ Chargers

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  1. Danny Hellyar #

    Very nice tool ! Was sold out on Amazon within minutes after watching this review. I solder on average probably only a couple of times per year so for me not something I’d purchase, but glad more and more well working cordless tools are being made these days!

    December 22, 2017 at 9:36 am Reply

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