Power in a Small Package

Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 Vs Dewalt DCD997Milwaukee introduced the Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 in August and plans to come out with a One-Key version in a few months.  This new Gen 3 Drill Driver is full of improvements in a much smaller package with more power.  We love power and the only way to show you the new power is to put this drill to the test up against the Dewalt!  Our testing pushes both of these drills far beyond the intended use of each model!

So some of the new items are very important to the drill operation.  The new 1/2″ chuck is designed to clamp to your bit harder and also release 100% by hand.  The claws on the chuck have some increased rust prevention coatings and a new knurling helps your grip.  Our favorite improvement is the new side handle.  This new side handles attached by clamping around half of the drill rather than just a small area on the top.  This greatly reduces the chance of the connection breaking and an injury occurring.  The motor has more copper int he winding giving more power in a smaller package.

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Hands down, this drill looks like a compact drill but gives you more power than the others on the market!

Should You Upgrade?

Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 Vs Dewalt DCD997So you have the older model Milwaukee M18 drill/driver and now you see the new model with all this power.  Making the decision on if you should upgrade is not very easy because these are not very cheap tools.  Here are a few situations that would trigger us to upgrade:

If you use the side handle on your Milwaukee Drill often, the new side handle is a lot more robust.  It clamps around half the drill and will hold very solid.  There is no doubt this is a serious upgrade!

If you drill is always just a bit too large.  The new Gen 3 Drill might get mistaken for a compact drill due to its size, but let me assure you it has all the power you could want.  With that small size, we want to warn you, have some respect for the drill!  Use the side handle when needed, there is no need to hurt yourself and this drill has the power to twist right out of your hands!

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Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 Vs Dewalt DCD997The LED light was moved to the lower part of the handle and that now has a much better angle to shine the light on the drilling area.  It is a small improvement, but if you work in a dimly lit area, it might be a big one to you.

If you need a ton of power with excellent runtime, this is a great drill to upgrade to.  There is no doubt that for its size this drill will be a VERY popular drill.

While there will be other areas of need for a smaller, more powerful drill, we feel the above areas are the most likely reason one would upgrade to this new drill.  It is the most comfortable drill we have used and by far has the most power out of any other drill in our shop!