Save Your Hands

Milwaukee_Demolition_Gloves_FeatureWork gloves can be one of the most important items that you wear while working anywhere near sharp items.  While working yesterday without the Milwaukee Demolition gloves, we had the following scenario happened to us.

The project we were working on was going great.  We had about an hour to go before we set the project aside for a week and we started to push a bit harder to get some things complete.  While using a sawzall, the blade hit the side of a long metal piece and gave some kickback.  Our friends hand was a bit to close and the bent blade grazed his finger.  It was not an emergency, but he was bleeding.  His work was stopped for a while while he applied a shop rag and electrical tape, but overall, that small accident would never have happened if his hand would not have been where it was or if he has some gloves on.

But we cannot answer the phone!

Milwaukee_Demolition_Gloves_UsedMost work gloves stop you from using touch screen devices, including phones and tablets.  Many of us use these items for information on the projects we are building and they are essentially part of the project.  Milwaukee took this into consideration when they built the new Milwaukee Demolition Work Glove.  These are completely redesigned from the older models.  The new models have a spot on each pointer finger to allow you to use a touch screen and the fingertips, palm and grip zone have an Armortex covering allowing better grip and a longer lasting glove.

While the gloves are more comfortable, the main goal of the redesign was for them to be more durable and last longer.  While wearing the gloves, you can feel the material quality and the resistance to tearing.  Our gloves were slightly too small so the rubber areas on the knuckles were a but off.  This put some extra wear on our gloves when using them in tight areas, but it did test the material a bit more.  proper sizing of these glove is important!

When purchasing these gloves, I would recommend you buy a size larger than what you feel you need just for the safety of having the rubber areas in the proper positions.  Each glove is a bit stretchy and one size up will not be noticeable to many users.  However, one size to small will put the rubber guards out of position.

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