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Milwaukee 60″ Mobile Workstation Weight Test

Caster & Frame Stress Test

YTimage The Milwaukee 60″ mobile workstation is a beast of a tool cabinet that is rated to hold 2,200 pounds.  In our first review, we had Jeff stand in the drawers as a test to see how well the drawers were made.  As we have used this workstation, it has continued to impress us.  Our Social media followers asked for more extreme testing and we pushed forward with what we call the Workshop Addict Bucket Test.

This test uses our John Deere 5085M, H260 Loader and 83″ Heavy Duty Bucket to ally force to the top of items until the front tires lift off the ground.  In total, with the loaded tires, front and back, the machine is estimated to weigh in at a bit over 12,000 pounds.  The actual force applied with the bucket and the weight of the front of the tractor is unknown.

This tool cabinet took it like a champ.  On top of the bucket, the cabinet was fully loaded with out tools.  The casters never fumbled as the bucket moved them around slightly.

It is nice to see an affordable tool cabinet be available that can withstand some abuse.  This competition between brands will only increase the quality of the tools we will purchase.

Original Review

Here is our original review on YouTube.

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