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Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560

Milwaukee’s 22″ Deep Workstation

IMG_20160602_190051820Milwaukee has been doing very well in the tool storage system market and they continue to capitalize on that by expanding their offerings.  The 46″ tool storage chest has been in our shop for some time and we use it as our everyday tool box.  We have had no problems with it and we enjoy using it!  Many of the same features of that tool box have been brought over to the 60″ workstation, but there have been some minor improvements, in my humble opinion.  The 46″ tool chest had deep drawers and they are awesome for tools, but leave you hanging if you want to lay out wrenches or screwdrivers.  The 60″ has some nice, thin drawers that work excellent for smaller tools one would need in a mobile shop environment.

In the first three weeks of owning this box, we had tools in and out of it trying to make a perfect mobile station that has everything needed so there is no running to the other tool box to find the exact tool needed.  Our review was slightly behind others because we were trying to get our box set and shown how we plan to use it.  so in our review, we did not focus on the side tool mounts, the side drawer shelf, the side bolt on shelf or really even the peg board, although the peg board will get mounted on our wall somewhere.  So when you watch our YouTube video, keep in mind that our use was more specific to how this is used in our shop as we could not create all the situations one could use this workstation.

Drawer Dimensions

  • Two top drawers: 26.69 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 3.89 in. H; Two middle drawers: 25.79 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 2.8 in.; One drawer: 25.7 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 3.89 in. H; One drawer: 25.79 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 9.2 in. H
  • Right drawer dimensions for side: Four drawers: 12.6 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 2.29 in. H; One bottom drawer: 12.6 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 9.2 in. H

This Thing is Deep!

IMG_20160602_190104833We have purchased two other Husky workstations and they work well.  The biggest complaint while working on them is the depth.  The Milwaukee unit completely fixed that issue with its 22″ depth!  We can easily pile on car parts or tools and still be able to work easily on the surface without items hanging over.  If you watch our videos or social media, you will see we keep a organizer with impact sockets on it at all times.

I cannot say enough good about this unit, but there are a few things I would change.  First, I really wish the two upper drawers that are split in half would be split 70/30.  That would give a lot of room for larger power tools, like the super hawg!  Next, I wish that all the casters were swivel casters.  It would make the unit easier to move closer to items when needed.  This idea is because we have a automotive lift and move the workstation under it at times.  With the center wheels not movable, we have to turn the unit sideways to move it directly toward the lift.  It just takes up more room this way when trying to move it, but it is more stable if used by a wall.


  • Soft-close, 100 lbs. rated ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation
  • 6-outlet power center inside wall
  • Reinforced 6-gauge angle-iron trolley base frame and 20-gauge steel drawer and frame construction
  • Six 5 in. x 2 in. industrial-grade, polypropylene casters (four swivel with brake and two rigid)
  • Pre-cut drawer liners
  • 22 in. D cabinet with black, anodized aluminum drawer pulls
  • 9.2 in. deep bottom drawers have double 100 lb. rated drawer slides, offering a 200 lb. load capacity
  • Adjustable-height side storage shelf can accommodate paint cans, Milwaukee battery chargers and other bulky items
  • Removable long tool holder can be mounted to the side wall of the cabinet for additional organization
  • Large push bar, steel tubular side handle can be mounted on either the left or right side of the cabinet
  • Adjustable-height shelf in bulk storage door area
  • 3-barrel key locking system; Note: lock codes will match
  • Assembled dimensions with handles and casters installed (approximate): 63.25 in. W x 23.9 in. D x 37.8 in. H; with the pegboard fully extended, approximately 60 in. high and weighs approximately 402 lbs.


We have no issue recommending this unit to anyone looking for a large mobile workstation.  BUT, we have some more strength tests that we plan to bring out in a little while.  If you watch our social media, you seen Jeff standing in the bottom drawer, but we think its time to see how much more this box can take on top of the 2,200 pounds it is rated for.  Hope to have that posted soon!

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