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Milwaukee 10-1/4″ Circular Saw Review 6470-21

10-1/4″ of Torque

Milwaukee_6470_Circular_Saw_TopFraming crews and other construction contractors will enjoy the extreme cutting ability of the Milwaukee 6470-21, 10-1/4″ Circular Saw.  This is a 15 Amp saw that is built with the power and capacity to handle the most extreme cutting applications. Spinning at 5,200 RPM, the saw easily cuts at max capacity without bogging down under load.  Beyond the power, what makes this saw stand out to us over some of the other 10-1/4″ saws we have tested is the electric brake.  The blade stops in seconds after the trigger is released.  This made for a safe environment to move the saw around after the cut, not worrying about cutting anything that was not meant to be cut.

This beast of a saw is packed with power and features.  We were very pleasantly surprised that the direct drive saw would power through extreme cuts without bogging and there was no need to a thin kerf blade.  The full sized blade begged for more as it sliced through everything we threw at it like it was a single 2×4.  With this power comes some weight.  The saw weighs in at 17.8 pounds and it looks every bit of that.  The saw is large, but that make sit easy to handle and control.  It might make for a tiring day completing overhead cuts, but the large shoe was a blessing for controlling the large unit through 3″ of stacked OSB.

6470-21 Features

  • 15 Amp, 5,200 RPM Motor – delivers maximum power for high performance cutting without bogging down under load
  • 3-13/16” Depth of Cut Capacity – Provides enough capacity to cut 4” material in a single pass
  • Aircraft Aluminum Shoe – will not bend or warp in extreme cutting applications
  • Electric Brake – increases productivity by stopping the blade in seconds
  • 60° Bevel Capacity – provides maximum bevel capacity for cutting roof rafters, trusses and joists

Framing Standard

Milwaukee_6470_Circular_Saw_SideThis extreme circular saw is set up for framing.  The large and easy to read measurements all over the saw help you to rip and crosscut to the perfect depth.  The increments on the side of the saw tell you the depth the saw is in the wood making it perfect for cutting stairs and other partial cuts in dimensional lumber.  The control of this large saw is done with two large and comfortable handles.  The blade that comes with the saw is a 28 tooth framing saw blade that was a bit loud, but overall cut like nothing we have seen on a saw this large.  The thick standard blade eliminated any blade wander and the operator was in full control.

We joked a bit about the large shoe on the saw, but it is made out of aircraft grade aluminum so it can withstand the abuse this saw will see over many years and not warp.  Milwaukee offers a 5 year warranty on this monster.  We can only imagine what the metal case will look like after 5 years of floating around in a construction trailer.  While the case might look bad, the saw will have many more years of trusted use.


Contractors and framers who are looking for a powerhouse for extreme cuts need to look no farther.  This circular saw delivers the power and quality of construction needed to last years in the jobsite environment.  It is clear that this saw means business from the moment you pull the trigger to the seconds the blade stops after the use releases the trigger.

PRICINGMilwaukee 6470-21 15 Amp 10-1/4-Inch Circular Saw



Length  17-1/2″
Weight  17.8 lbs
Voltage  120V AC
Tool Warranty  5 Years
Cord Type  2-Wire
No Load RPM  5,200
Amps  15
Spindle  5/8″
Construction Type  Double Insulated
Soft Grip Handle  Yes
Spindle Lock  Yes
Arbor Size 5/8″
Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees  2-3-4 Inch
Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees  3-13/16″
Electrical Brake  Yes
Blade Position  Right
Tool Free Bevel  Yes
Maximum Bevel Capacity  60 degrees
Depth of Cut at 60 Degrees  1-3/4″

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