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METABO HPT 36-Volt MultiVolt Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saw Review CR36DAQ4M


Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) now has the first cordless and corded solution for anyone looking for versatility in power sources.  MultiVolt batteries work on all the Metabo HPT 36-volt tools, but also works on all 18-volt Hitachi tools.  Metabo HPT batteries use 21700 cells and are 2P so they are not overly large but can deliver up to 1,440 watts of power.  The battery delivers 4 Ah of runtime in the Metabo HPT 36-volt platform and 8 Ah of runtime in the Hitachi-Metabo HPT 18-volt platform. Cordless or corded is the selling point here.  The AC/DC adapter does have a long cord but does include a very large power inverter in the cord that will slightly limit the use of the cord.

Once invested in a tool line, no one ever wants to change battery platforms. That’s why MultiVolt cordless batteries were designed with Hitachi 18-volt tools in mind.  Hitachi really wants to let you know that they are not forgetting about everyone who has invested in their tools and Metabo HPT will be expanding on great tools in the future.

The Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw has 4 speeds.  Low: 0-1,700 SPM,  Medium: 0-2,300 SPM, High: 0-2,500 SPM, Max: 0-3,000 SPM with each of them having a stroke length of 1-1/4 inches.  There is a switch on the side to turn on the orbital action for use with wood or turn it off for more hard materials.

Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw

  • Orbital action: beneficial for faster cutting through wood for demolition or other such applications
  • User vibration production: significantly decreases vibration by incorporating a dual counterweight system
  • 4 stage selector ranging from 1,700 SPM to 3,000 SPM to satisfy cutting needs for various application
  • Tool can be powered by MultiVolt battery or AC adapter

Metabo HPT Power

Sometimes more volts can equal more power, but we also see that sometimes voltage can be used as a marketing factor.  In this case, currently, all Metabo HPT tools are 36-volts.  The tools that are in that line are larger tools that could demand more power and with the 21700 cells in the battery packs, it makes more sense to design the tools in this way.  But not everyone will want to use the Metabo HPT MultiVolt battery pack with a small impact driver.  We have to assume that there is a larger picture in the plan that we are not seeing at this point.

The power of this reciprocating saw is very impressive.  When pushed hard, it will eat up batteries faster than you can charge them and that is where the cord is nice to have.  When all batteries are exhausted, the corded adapter comes in and keeps you working.



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