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Makita LXT 18-Volt Drill & Impact Driver Extreme Torture Testing | Combo Kit XT269M

Extreme Testing

Makita LXT 18-Volt Drill & Impact Driver Extreme Torture Testing | Combo Kit XT269MYour hard earned money should not be spent on tools that will not last.  We know your tools will never see this type of torture, but many of the tests we put the Makita XT269M Combo Kit through mimic long-term ownership in very harsh conditions.  Not many people will mix their drill or impact driver up in crushed concrete over and over to see how the tools fair, but that is why you have us!  We encourage you to watch our YouTube video to see the extreme testing

In these tests, we are looking for issues in build quality from drops, dust intrusion, performance issues from debris and overheating.  Some of the tests might seem extreme, but the reality with this kit was that it was very hard to kill.  In some cases when we thought on the tool was dead, we simply removed a broken battery and replaced it with a good one and the tool lived.  Not to spoil it, but these Makita tools were tough!

Price the Makita LXT 18-Volt Drill & Impact Driver | Combo Kit XT269M at Acme Tools

We need to thank Acme Tools for loaning us these tools!  This type of testing would never be something Makita as a company would stand behind.  Acme Tools is a great place to shop for new tools as they seem to be some of the first to have them listed on their website.

Testing Notes

Makita LXT 18-Volt Drill & Impact Driver Extreme Torture Testing | Combo Kit XT269MSome of the items that stand out to us from making this video are pretty amazing.  The amount of sand and water these tools could inject and spit back out was amazing.  When we would run the tools after burying them, we would get sandblasted with debris from the cooling fans.  The amount of dust that was extracted by the motor when the trigger was pulled made it look like the tool was smoking!

Water seemed to have little effect on the tool itself.  We did not dunk the batteries in water as we ruined one prior to the water test and we needed a good battery for testing.  At one point in the test, you will see an impact driver get dunked in a soapy bucket of water while running and the tool keeps running without issue.  Very impressive!

The amount of impact one tool can stand is amazing.  We ran these tools over with large pieces of equipment and some lived in conditions we would have never thought.  The drop tests were nothing to these tools!  If this does not make you a Makita fan, we do not know what it would take to sway you!

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