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We enjoy going over pressure washers as we use them almost weekly to clean up our Side by Sides after a good ride.  Most of the time we look at larger gas models that can clean up nasty dirt pretty quick.  Those machines are great if you use them all the time and keep up with the maintenance.  Not everyone needs or wants something that large.  so for the past year, we have been looking at and testing smaller electric pressure washers.  You have not seen them on our channel because most have broke before we were able to complete a video.  We work hard not to show our fans junk!

Recently we were given the opportunity to take a look at the Greenworks elite electric pressure washers and the build quality with a metal frame and wheels looked nice.  We brought one into the shop and started to use it on smaller jobs and testing everything out.  This one looks nothing like the other models we have tried and it looks like the company designed it for longevity.  If you look at many electric pressure washers you will see they are mostly plastic, so this one is a breath of fresh air.

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Our Greenworks Elite 14A 2,000PSI Pressure Washer has a metal open frame design, on-board soap tank that can be quickly detached for cleaning.  The wand utilizes quick-connect tips and they supply a 25 degree, 40 degree, 75 degree soap tip and a turbo nozzle so the user has a choice of the intensity of cleaning.  The 35’ power cord has a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) built-in to reduce the risk of shock.  The motor on this unit will turn on and off as needed.  Basically, once the unit detects water movement, the electric motor will turn on and give you high pressure and once the trigger is released, it will shut off.  Greenworks elite provides a 1-year warranty on this model.

Check out our YouTube video and see what this pressure washer can do.

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